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Day 5 and I need advice please

Hi guys

New to this forum

I have tried and failed numerous times with stopping smoking

On Sunday night I decided to stop for good

I smoked about 5 cigs a day and only in the house - not at work or outside

I would always enjoy a cig at the weekend as it was like a de-stress after a week at work- sounds silly as what is nice about it!!!

Tonight on the way home I bought a packet :( I smoked 3 and felt awful- no craving this week was as bad as how I felt mentally and physically smoking them

So I have just snapped and binned the other 7

I am so angry and upset with myself as I was doing so well!

Can I restart day 5 tomorrow or is this me at the beginning?

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You do whatever feels best.. I would just carry on not smoking rather than worrying about a blip, I kept on thinking about the hard work i put in for the first few days, all going down the pan for one little stick?!!! It's not worth it, so chin up and carry on.


Hi there, It's entirely up to you. I think we have all been there at some point. In that situation, I would always have to go back to day 1. You may have seen NOPE which stands for Not One Puff Ever. It's a slippery slope and if any of us has one puff, we would most likely be back to smoking in no time. Best of luck in your quit. Don't beat yourself up about it though - it happens. If you can get straight back on the wagon it will be brilliant!



Hi Pongo, welcome to the forum.

when I quit I had 3or 4 misfires over the first couple of weeks, it was when I got to my 3rd or 4th that I drew a line and reset my quit date in my head because I felt I was on a slippery slope and needed to give myself a good talking to. What really matters is how YOU feel about your quit, not how you think other people may view it.

If you feel that restarting from scratch will mentally give you an incentive to strengthen your resolve then cool, if you feel it will discourage you and feel you want to stick where you are then cool too.

If it takes you a few misfires and then it "clicks" in your head you won't even consider it in a few months time. How you feel inside is the most important part, whatever works for you is good for you.

Good luck and keep at it.



Thanks guys

Just so annoyed at myself!

Hadn't heard of nope- I like that concept! Will recite that if I am ever tempted to have a puff again!!

I need to focus on the fact I went 4 days and so many hours without- I had a 2 hour blip!!


You can do it Pongo! Good idea to recite NOPE


Hi Pongo, welcome to the forum, ultimately it's your decision but don't dwell on it too much just stick to the plan of not smoking :) xx


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