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Someone please help me!!!!!!!!


im new to all of this but im on day 6 of not smoking while using champix. I have been reading post on here and find them all really encouraging. I have been ok up until today when I totally lost my temper due to a massive craving to just go and buy a packet and smoke all of them (i didnt by the way i just breathed slowly through the pain). What im finding most difficult is that I have 4 children so sometimes changing my routine is not possible, but they are my main reason for trying to kick this habit. if anyone has any tips for me on how to stay calm and get throught those really rough periods.

thanks x

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Getting through the bad days.

Hi Bexicle

Congratulations on getting to day 6 - that's fantastic. It seems as though you know exactly what to do - breathing slowly is probably the best thing you can do. I've read somewhere that deep breathing releases dopamine just like smoking does.

I guess the other thing that may help is counting to 10 as you feel yourself getting overwhelmed with the craving and tending to get angry. One good thing is that you've experienced the anger now so you'll be more keyed into how it comes on you, and can be better prepared with counting & breathing.

However, in the scheme of things, the best thing you can do for your children is to not smoke, & you're doing a great job there.:)


I haven't used champix so I can't comment on that. You are doing well and tomorrow will be one whole week. I found it helped to keep reading the posts and just knowing that others have been where you are now and got through it. You're doing the best you possibly can for your kids by quitting.

Hang in there and come on here and rant all you like.


Hey Bexicle, I can't comment on Champix, haven't needed it yet; grit your teeth and focus on why you're quitting.... for you, not anyone else ( I did think of my kids though too if I'm honest but I was just sick of wheezy breathing aged 40, among other things).

Six days is brilliant, the anger will pass, before you know it you won't notice. I would say keep busy but that probably isn't a problem with four kids bless em :D This phase will pass, my temper was foul for the first two weeks so I know how you feel. After 5 months though I can't believe I smoked like I did. You will too, just stick to this forum.


hello there you have done a great job so far sorry you are feeling like crap i have been on champix twice and i can tell you my experiences but that does not mean they would act the same way for everyone, first time i took them i had bouts of rage however the second time i did not they were perfect i would highly recomend them however they can have side effects like any medicine can in my experience someone trying to quit can have medicines, nicotine replacement therapy, patches, gum, hypnosis, accupuncture and even cold turkey however there is one fundamental thing that all long term quitters have that maybe (as im no expert) short term quitters dont have or maybe long termers have more of it but its will power or more the point long term quitters know that the fundamental difference between a smoker and a non smoker is one puff and also honestly try not to look too far forward and make unmanageable goals for yourself but rather make small easy goals like for example take it one day at a time dont worry about tommorrow you can worry about that when it gets here and the champix may or may not help you but they definately helped me.

hope this makes some sense to you - stay strong you can do it



Eleven months, five days, 19 hours, 11 minutes and 17 seconds. 20507 cigarettes not smoked, saving $11,689.54. Life saved: 10 weeks, 1 day, 4 hours, 55 minutes.


Congratulations on day 6 - stay strong, it really does get easier! I too suffer with the temper thing and the only thing that I've found that help is exercise but different things obviously work for different people. I guess if you can remove yourself from the situation for a few minutes that may help? Whatever works for you is fine but remember that smoking is never the solution..


keep going

I just wanted to offer my support to you.The first week is the worst and it should get better from now on in.You will get amazing advice here to help you through this bad patch and how to handle the future ones.

Please keep reading and the cravings will go.Everyone on here has felt like you do now,but dont smoke!!That just puts you back to square one.

You really are doing great even if it dont feel that way.:)


Hello and congratulations on Day 6. My advice would be to do something that might have been difficult before you stopped. I found it difficult to sit thru a film, so maybe you could all pile on the sofa and watch a bit of Disney. The other thing to remember is that smokers tend to be more tense and angry than non smokers, because smoking messes with your blood sugars and also constantly has to be topped up, so my kids saw me angry often enough for me to be ashamed, and consequently the children of smokers may be a little more stressed and irritable than the children of non smokers. So as well as remembering that you are undergoing short term pain for a longer term gain, it may be that you also need to think about ways to promote a calm and positive atmosphere. I had 4 kids and it was often crazily chaotic in our house. but I it improved when I began to do Yoga and taught my children the relaxation exercises. But sometimes if the kids are full of energy its best to go with it and play balloon tennis or hide and seek. Best of luck


Thank you all so much. You have all been really encouraging. Todays has been loads better and its not bothered me at all. Been playing with the kids loads to keep my mind of it. Really pleased i have now made a week which makes me feel good. Thanks again eyeryone xx


Well done Bexicle

So glad you are feeling better. I always think that people with large families have more stress but also more distractions, I think if I lived alone that voice telling me to smoke would sound louder.


Hey mrsm, in some ways you're quite right. I live alone and smoking was my guilty pleasure, a secret smoker if you like. I just have to relearn all my habits now and though I thought there'd be a big gap that smoking left, I've actually been pretty ok. This forum helps enormously, when I feel tempted I come on her and read all the posts which keep me in check!


you are a hero kazzytee

HATS off to you. It must be much more difficult. I have a feeling that if I lived alone I would turn into a total slob, but maybe it is also that people who live alone like themselves and are more disciplined, or maybe we are all just rudderless boats tossed about on the sea of happenstance... Who knows. Any way we are here and we are not smoking and that is very very good.


Everyone has different ways of handling their quit and need to find what works for them....and continuing not to smoke is absolutely the main thing :-)



i have two boys 3 & 6 who are a handful, i reached day 3 and lost my temper massively and caved in and smoked 3. i MASSIVELY regret it now and feel like im on a massive downward spiral. try not to do it. i am on champix and for me i really dont like them, i dont feel like me and i had this before i smoked my last fag. im thinking of coming off them, my rages arnt good and certainly not good for my children. Do what is right for you, and evaluate how you feel yourself

try and stay strong cause i regret it hun.



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