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Day 9 - Some questions


I've always smoked a couple during the week and then a lot during the weekend. I decided to quit. I didn't think it would effect me like this!

My chest is quite tight, stomach aches, headaches (around the eyes), feeling really tired/eyes feel heavy. Is this to be expected?

I am starting to smell things I haven't smelt in ages! (sometimes not a good thing :) hehe)

Anyway I've joined a little late, but I thought this would be a good way to track my progress and help me keep on track.. while chatting to others!

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Hi Welski

Firstly welcome to the clan! This forum is great, loads of really helpful people who have been or are going through the same experiences as yourself.

I had the tight chest thing too, after about 10 days. I took up jogging (C25K) and the tightness went away within a something to do with deep breathing I guess. A lot of people suffer with the tiredness / heavy eyes too. I still have it a bit now, even after 5 weeks.

I think they all are all symptoms of your body recovering, and the nasty nicotine demon freaking out now that he's lost his grip on you :D

Wishing you lots of luck with your quit, and looking forward to following your posts on your journey to freedom


As said above, your symptoms all sound pretty normal for a quit, a few things seem to get worse before they get better.

Congratulations on Day 9!

Thank you all for the warm welcome and the kind words!

I didn't think it would effect me, because I never felt like I was a heavy smoker. Although in many ways I guess I just did all the smoking over the weekend!!

I have been riding my BMX daily recently and I've just looked into the C25K that Andy mentioned. I may have to take it up! It looks fun!


Welcome Welski, well done at getting to day 9 in your quit. This forum is really fab for the tough times but also a great way to share in your successes and achievements along the way.

I took up running when I quit and it really really helped with the craves and the stress but any form of exercise is good. BMXing sounds really fun! x

BMXing is very fun! It gives you some nice challenges when riding which you wouldn't normally have with a mountain bike!

I really enjoy mountain biking I'd love to try a BMX though. Do you ride on ramps or through streets and stuff?

I stick to the streets and off-road (just to push me a little more) Last time I tried the ramps my wheel fell off :D:D

Oh dear! Yeah defo going to have to borrow a one and have a go, always love trying something new.

Hello Welski (good name by the way!)

Many congratulations from me on your 9 days. You're doing really, really well and I shall look forward to hearing how your journey is progressing. As the others have said all your symptoms sound perfectly normal (and it does pass- honestly :))

I've never tried BMXing but it sounds jolly good fun. Anything to take your mind off the craves is a good thing and the more excercise you get the better (it'll get you through the cold-like symptoms sooner).

Onwards and upwards (or possibly downwards if your wheel falls off again :D)

If you do, I suggest getting an application called "Mapmyride" I've been using that for my rides which helps me push to ride further and use different routes!

Thank you Skiddaw, I'm really enjoying the warm welcome I am receiving! Welski has been one of my nicknames for years, so I'm glad you like it :D

I am hoping to get my cardio up so I feel comfortable enough to go to the gym!

Hi Welski, welcome and well done on your quit. 9 days is so good. There are so many side effects to quitting at first, but they do go....and it's worth it so keep going. This forum is great too :)

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