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Day 27 some questions

Has anyone else got or developed a bad chest, worse than when they were smoking. I have seasonal asthma set off traditionally by pollen etc . The past couple of days I've had a number of asthma attacks which is very unusual. Still feeling off and a bit down in general wonder if I should go to the doc for a check.


Not smoked at all no inhalator yesterday just patches now.

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Hi Jonboy,

I would definitely go for a checkup, just in case. It is quite mormal to get congested lungs and flu-like symptoms after stopping smoking, although not everybody suffers in the same way, or for the same length of time.

It is all to do with your body adjusting to the fact that you've stopped, but I would be a bit more careful in the case of also suffering from asthma.



I think you should go to the doc for a check-up..



I am on day 26 and also feel quite down well up and down really - not consistent.

My chest is fine, because you have the asthma a check up would be a good idea for you.

Take care :)


if you suffer with ashma and allergies that could be the cause of it

dont forget your body is still adapting but it will get better

i used to have to use an inhaler especially through the winter time when i smoked as i was forever wheezing and feeling like someone was sitting on my chest but during last winter i never used it once and i have also noticed this year i seem to be less alergic then normal so it might be having an effect on my alergies too which would be so good

but a check up is always a good thing to have just to make sure

onwards and upwards is the way to go :)



Hi all, got a slight infection lots of stuff going round at work not just me which is good. Feeling loads better and looking forward to the weekend.

No inhalator for the last three days and four weeks today yippee , do i get to go To month two tomorrow?

Hope your all doing well. Month one stats 28 days, -420 cigs, 3780 puffs of a cig, £147 richer quality or what.:cool:


Well done Jonboy on getting to month 2.

Like yourself I had an awful chest infection (this was the main reason I stopped smoking, it was simply too painful to smoke in the end) took ages to resolve itself and because I'd quit smoking I also had the issue of my lungs clearing out the crap that had been down there from years of smoking. Anyway, just wanted to let you know that your chest can take ages to clear and get better. You're probably feeling more uncomfotable due to the asthma but I'm sure you'll see a vast improvement soon.

Lisa x


Glad you are feeling better.

I quit because of my COPD, and I am still feeling worse now than when I was smoking. :mad:

Still, it has to be the right decision for all of us. I've never heard of any way that smoking improves your health....


me too

hi jonboy,

yes, I'm on day 23 (ish) and my chest definitely feels bad, although I've never suffered from asthma. When I was smoking, however, if I took a deep breath I would cough. Now I'm not smoking I can take a deep breath without coughing. But when I'm not taking deep breaths I feel like I can hardly breathe at all! Also my nose has been slightly blocked for at least a week or so (despite snorting as much Olbas oil as I can) and it's also running on and off. All a bit annoying really. Docs tmoz to see if I can get the patches reduced. Good luck with it and hope the breathing improves.


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