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On day 9 and feelin' fine!


Hi again everyone. Me again (groan;)

Well I have reached the dizzy heights of day 9. Is anyone else having persistant rain - like it's been almost 48hrs now WITH NO LET UP! The drains are well overflowing.The roads are flooded too. I had this god awful crave about 40mins ago and I really NEEDED some fresh air and take some deep breaths to calm down. Hubby (God bless him)insisted I borrow his golf umbrella and walk round the garden and BREATHE. It did the trick and I feel much better.


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Aw he is a sweetheart x x

Yes bloody rain >_< non stop bank holiday weekend kids at home, think the men in white coats may well have to come for me! it's still raining now

playstation, paints, make overs, sticking n cutting and hair dos weather! only so much you can do :o

It's still raining here and its doing my head in! Work tomorrow - although who'd want to venture out in this weather to a poxy library I don't know! I am ok in myself now after the big urge. (although I did do a good impression of Gene Kelly in Singing in the rain with the golf umbrella earlier!)lol When did you stop thinking of smoking B?


Not sure really, but it dawned on me last tuesday, it was my 12 week mark, that i have stopped caring about them! i see them and think of them but it has no power behind it if you get me :rolleyes: like theres nothing pulling at me to smoke anymore. It just gets a bit easier day by day x

So you no longer get urges to smoke then ? Wish I didn't . I think of cigs 24/7 not necessarily smoking them but cigs none the less. I even have dreams where I am smoking. Well weird. Been ironing most of the evening - clothes for hubby to pack. I really don't feel it will be as bad these next 2 weeks as I will already have quite afew days non smoking 'under my belt' as it were. SO as I don't smoke indoors I plan to go to bed early,take my laptop and talk to everyone tommorow!!:D

Hi everyone,

On day 7 of my second attempt at quitting the weed. Still think about them all the time, but the craving isn't as bad as the two previous days.

Quit last time in march for 11 days, then just ran down the shops and bought some bad eh! not this time though if I can help it going through it cold turkey is pretty hard, but im determined.

Hi Buffy don't know if you remember me from march quit

keep up the good work everyone


Welcome back Lizzyrob

Good luck this time hope you make it keep coming on for support.

We are all hear for you. Linda

Hey thanks Linda,

Probably left it a bit late at night to post, but feel happy I have made it to day 7 again. I feel that at 42 years old I shouldn't be smoking.

So heres to the next 7 days And I hope I can fare as well as all of you. You have all done so well.

Hiya lizzy

I remember you from march x x

Well done on getting back on track x

and 1 week down the line all ready! well done! Keep it up x x

Hi guys,

Thanks for the support really wanna make it now, the cravings are definately not so bad today.

Buffy and Linda you,ve both done good hope I can achieve that mark -eating grapes at the moment to curb another craving oh well it can only get better.

Buffy what happened to Boudee I remember her from last quit attempt she gave some great advice. xxxx


:( Don't know i haven't heard from her in ages, i got a message to her niece but nothing back.

Sure she is fine, hope she gets in touch soon :mad:

If you want to make it work this time you will :) it gets easier each time, as you have prior experience and you can learn from your mistakes x x

Doing So well x keep it up x

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