Hi all it's now been 16 months

Hi all I know I have not been on for a while got an allotment now and it keeps me busy,those that know me know that I have myleoma bone cancer ,and tomorrow is squeaky bum day for me ,I have to have a blood test every 3 months ,and been getting pains in my muscles in my chest and back ,one dr told me it was smoking withdrawal symptoms ,had to have X-rays last week and tomorrow it's off to hospital to see oncologist ,so ****ing myself a bit if you pardon the expression ,really don't know what the problem with muscles is as it moves from chest to my back a little strange but got to admit I a bit worried with this one apart from this I feel fine ,I am hoping it's nothing major and they can give me something for the pain if I move a bit quick it really hurts I kid you not ,still as I've always said onwards and upwards,I hope that you are all well and continue to not smoke ,still don't miss it and glad that I gave it up ,good luck to all the newbies on your quest for freedom ,and never stop trying it's worth it ,cheers for now Alan, will post drs results tomorrow pm:confused:

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  • Hi Alan,

    Well done on being smoke free for so long, that's an amazing achievement. People like you who have come so far gives newbies like me the motivation to continue.

    Fingers crossed for tomorrow, hope all goes well for you.

  • Thank you ,and good luck it's all in the mind with smoking ,

  • Good luck tomorrow.

  • Hope everything goes well for you tomorrow Alan ;)

  • Just stopped by to say, I do so hope it's positive news for you to day:)

  • Missed this earlier Alan- just adding to all the positive vibes headed your way and will keep everything crossed that all is well...:)

  • Hope all is well Alan!

    Thanks for your kind words to newbies like myself

  • alan !

    16 months !! terrific !! I hope to be there and people like you are an inspiration my friend.

    all the best !

  • Hope the results are good for you tomorrow Alan, you have done fantastically well with the not smoking.:)

  • Well after seeing the oncologist ,lungs are fine,they think it's another stage of the myloema ,so over the next 4 weeks got to have a pet scan,biopsy on my chest bones ,blood tests and then back to oncologist ,going to go on a drug trial program as I have nothing to lose ,oh well as I always

    say onwards and upwards

  • Glad to hear that your lungs are OK, Alan, and will hope that the other tests don't indicate any serious issues and that the drug trial will prove to be successful. As you say, nothing to lose and everything to gain. :)

  • Report back

    Hi guys got to have another pet scan,and a biopsie on my chest lungs are fine so that's a positive ,just gotta wait for appointments ,then they are going to put me. On a drugs trial, scheme,gotta do what you gotta do,onwards and upwards ,good luck to every body on giving up smoking ,hang in there people you can do it

  • Good luck with it Alan. I am glad to hear that the lung biopsies were fine- that's good news. :)

  • Hi Alan, it's nice to meet you on here. Well done on 16 months smoke free, that's brilliant. Sorry to hear you are not well, good it's not lungs though. You still sound very positive which is great, thanks for continuing to post, it really helps people like myself keep going. :)

  • A big thank you to all you lovely people,if I can help even 1 person give up smoking I will be made up,I know it's not easy to start with but I know it does get easier hang in there ,a bit of will power goes a long way ,xxx

  • Thanks max and everybody well I've now done blood tests ,pet scan,which seems to get scarier as I've now had it 3 times ,there now doing bone biopsy on my right hip ,,I've had this once before ,and made the mistake of looking over my shoulder,and the needle looks very much like a knitting needle so frightened me to death,so tues 2- pm dreading that ,I then have to wait till 9-9 so that week will drag by ,and you imagine all sorts believe me,but can't be helped,the wife won't come to the biopsy as she doesn't like.needles ,so my son will come with me ,but you know to be honest it is probaly the best thing I have ever done giving up smoking ,all the pressure I've been under I've still not cracked ,a lot of people would say they could understand if I did ,but it makes me more determined ,so if ican do it with this much going on in my life ,surly you can give it up with a bit of will power,believe me it will be the best thing you've ever done as well,,I'm now into 17 months ,and apart from putting a couple of stone on ,I don't regret it ,my problem is where I am now disabled and not allowed to work I vegetate a bit ,got an allotment ,and a boxer dog who I would not be without ,and of course my family and friends,I say onwards and upwards people ,it's not going to get me without a fight ,good luck to you all, hang in there if I can just help you a little bit it would make me extremely happy ,hoping that the next time I write on here it is good news ,bye for now :)

  • I shall keep everything crossed that the news is good Alan. In the meantime, hope the remaining tests aren't too intrusive (glad your son will be with you for the biopsy) and you spend as much time as you can on the allotment or taking your dear doggy for walks. I think the weather is perking up after tomorrow so hopefully you can enjoy some sunshine and a bit of gentle exercise.

    All the best to you from me. As you say, if you can do it despite all the pressures you're having to deal with, the rest of us surely can. :)

  • Alan I read your posts and it's almost like my dad joined and didn't tell me :eek:

    He has had the pet scans and scary biopsies, he has a family who love and adore him, he has been quit about 16 months and he and my mother have a boxer dog who they can not bear to be without. He's hade a lobectomy due to lung cancer, malignant growth's removed from his adrenal glands, persistent haemorrhoids have been surgically removed and prostate biopsies, just to add insult to injury he also has a painful frozen shoulder - how he and you still get up every morning with such a verve for life is something I will never get my head around, Sir - you are one of my hero's sherv.net/cm/emoticons/hell...

  • Alan I read your posts and it's almost like my dad joined and didn't tell me :eek:

    He has had the pet scans and scary biopsies, he has a family who love and adore him, he has been quit about 16 months and he and my mother have a boxer dog who they can not bear to be without. He's hade a lobectomy due to lung cancer, malignant growth's removed from his adrenal glands, persistent haemorrhoids have been surgically removed and prostate biopsies, just to add insult to injury he also has a painful frozen shoulder - how he and you still get up every morning with such a verve for life is something I will never get my head around, Sir - you are one of my hero's sherv.net/cm/emoticons/hell...

    Give my best wishes to your father,I hope he continues to amaze you best of luck to him

  • Thanks kat and every body else,for your support,bone biopsy now done, not something I would recommend ,but what's got to be done has to be done,now the next hard bit is waiting a week for results and appointment with oncologist ,next Tuesday 7/9. This is when your mind works overtime,but what will be will be ,or onwards and upwards as I say,got my boxer dogs eye scrape tomorrow and don't half worry for her,but as with me it's gotta be done ,don't know if I could cope if something happened to her,sad I know ,but that dog has so much love to give,and it keeps me and the wife sane ,although it probobaly does not sound like it,any way enough of my problems,if you have given up or thinking about it ,just do it,you have to say to your self I want to give it up ,and go for it you will not regret it I promise ,if I can do it with the extra problems I have had surely you can,it's not easy at times you have to stay focused on the end result,it really feels great when at the hospital they say are you smoker,and I reply no ,used to be but gave it up 17 months ago,I never had to give it up and my illness was not caused by smoking,it gave me the kick that maybe I needed mind ,so when you get the craving for a fag ,think of me and what I have achieved,even though I have cancer, I get on with it and don't buckle under the load which there surely is at times,onwards and upwards to you all:)

  • such an inspiration, thank you for sharing with us and well done of your achievement :D:D:D:D xxxx

  • Alan you are a very brave and humble man. I hope your test results are good for you, you are an inspirational person.

  • Results could have been better

    Just a quick one as a few have asked,well the results were not good ,but you have to keep thinking positively ,so I've started taking steroids ,and the start of October chemo,I have hospital, next week to discuss all the details ,I'm doing clinical drug trials ,and hope fully can either beat this crap or slow it down ,I've over 60 great friends and family that given me a lot of support,so I can't ask for more ,I very nearly had a smoke yesterday ,but stuck it out ,and I'm glad I did,going to take the wife and boxer dog down to dawlish warren for weeks holiday before I start with all the chemo,so stay strong people in your quest of freedom of the dreaded weed,(fags)good luck ONWARDS AND UPWARDS ,or as my mate said hand to hand toe to toe we are going to beat this,xxxxx

  • Thanks kat ,Jesus 14 tablets for breakfast ,I'm gonna rattle a little bit grand kids will love me:)

  • Well after visiting the oncoligest yesterday ,today's the day weds,1-10-14,.ihave to start chemo ,it's been expected ,I am lucky in a way I only live 1/2.mile from the hospital,but I having all my treatment at home ,I start this morning 37 tablets and 1 injection ,for 4 weeks ,then 1 week off ,and then start again for a minimum 4 cycles ,got to admit I did think about having a fag for a few moments yesterday while waiting to pick up prescription ,but held off ,I know if I am going to hold this off I am going to need all the strength I can get ,doing clinical drug trials ,which may help others if it does not help me ,but hopefully it does ,heads a little upside down at the moment ,fear of the unknown ,I am sorry I post on here when it's got nothing to do with smoking ,but some seem interested,in my progress with staying off the ciggies,again it's not been easy at times ,I've just brought myself a personal DVD player that takes a memory card and stick for downloading the free stuff ,just in case I have to stay in hospital ,£100 but the way I look at it ,is that that's about 3 weeks of fags ,and it's now approaching 18 months ,I started going to the gym with the wife but had to stop ,because all my joints ached,gutted about that ,my mobility is not good ,but maybe when I start the treatment it will loosen me up ,I hope,either that or make me worse I'll soon find that one out ,can't wait to get back to my allotment ,can't do much but love pottering around,my daughter in law said I should give it up,as it was to much for me,but to me that's the wrong attitude ,my aim is to get down there and have it fully running growing all my own stuff,I think at this stage you have to have targets something to aim at ,any way sorry again to rabbit on ,but I will post weekly ish just to to let you know how it's going,if I can help even 1 person give up smoking it would be worth it ,:)

  • Thank you all it does help me ,it makes me more determined

  • Well we are only on 2nd day ,I live less than 1/2 mile from the hospital ,where there there is a mcmillian base ,although when I went there 14 months ago the woman put me off ,she started telling me I was going on a journey,I thought I'm here for a support not to talk about dying,so I never went again yet,the clinical drug team trial at the hospital,gave me folder I can get them 24/7 for help but I don't know what other support they give you,I have to go back to hospital in two weeks and then I will find out,the bit I wanted was that we administer the drugs ourselfs ,so I pick them up and take them home ,I don't want to stay in or visit hospital any more than I have to,I get support from my wife and family one of my sons has been a godsend I like to be at home where I can more or less do what I want ,I don't get depressed and I don't feel sorry for myself it's life,mind I would like a lot more yet,I sit on my iPad and bore everybody on these forums ,lol,and I potter around the house and the allotment to keep me busy I love. It,I like to keep my self busy, an I've got my boxer dog Tia who I like to walk ,that dog knows something's not right and sleeps along side me on her bed ,you don't get any of that if you are in hospital will do another report next week ,just a short one to see if the drugs are ok ,no reactions :)

  • Hi there Alan! You're ahead of me there across the pond so you've already begun your 2nd day. Besides offering well wishes & prayers I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely love your positive attitude & strength to refrain from smoking. In spite of the obvious struggle you're facing you have a lot going for you including your family's support, proximity to hospital & of course your Tia!! Stay positive!

    I look forward to your inspirational posts And whenever you have a chance, could you let me know what an "allotment" is?!! Is it a garden?!!!

  • Alan, just wanted to send you my good wishes too. I've only just picked up on your latest news and whilst I am sorry you're having to undergo more treatment I'm glad you're at home with everyone around you rather than stuck in hospital. May you spend many happy hours pottering around your allotment with your dear, faithful dog at your side. :)

    I shall keep everything crossed that the chemo is not too demanding and proves as successful as it possibly can be.

  • Thank you guys this is the kind of support I need ,I maybe think I'm not as hard as I thought I was,it really means a lot to me I thankyou all from the bottom of my heart xxx:) onwards and upwards

  • Keep posting Alan please, it really does help people.

    I wish you all the very best with the drug trials and yes keep going to your allotment and doing anything else that takes your fancy.xxx

  • Thanks Kat ,I did pop in to mcmillian when I was first diagnosed ,but the the woman put me off ,saying your going on a journey ,I didn't want to talk about dying ,I am not no where near ready for that ,so I didn't go back ,had a bad night with it all day 5 (chemo) chest,back ,neck,shoulders,really ache ,but had a good night last night ,slept 6 hrs which is brilliant ,the support at the hospital seems poor ,they give a big bag of drugs and say come back in 2 weeks ,it is a lot to get your head around ,but we are now getting there,,the wife still smokes ,but I don't have a problem with that ,she's under a lot of pressure ,bless her ,all you can do is stay positive ,it's gonna be a long 4/6 months that's for sure 😛

  • Keep at it mate. Truly inspirational stuff. Obviously so many people who love you and depend on you.

  • Hi Allan,

    Just caught up with your post, I can only repeat what others have said. You truly are an inspiration and you have so many people on here sending you their best wishes and I want to send mine too. I'm sure your family and Tia are keeping your spirits up and keeping you positive. I hope the treatment isn't impacting too much. Take care of yourself and do let us know how your getting on, as we are all thinking of you and wishing you well x

  • Well I've been on it 12 days now ,tight all around the torso area ,and a tender muscles on chest,but all in all not to bad ,mon blood tests ,tues clinical drug trial appointment and oncoligest so tues is gonna be busy ,well a lot of waiting around ,not my strong point ,when you have to wait 1-1/2- 2 hrs,just to see Dr ,drives me mad ,so I will do another report tues eve,/ wed ,don't really miss having a beer yet ,but I do get thirsty ,so drinking loads of pure fruit juice,water,taste buds are all over the place and things tast a bit metallic ,but no pain no gain ,onwards and upward people, and thank you all for the support it honestly does help ,love you all ,and thank you once again ,Alan :)

  • Alan, if they keep you waiting for too long, set your dog on them. :D

    Thanks for the update mate, and may things continue to go well. :)

  • Update

    Hi all as promised a report back,well day started with. 2hr calcium drip ,to strengthen my bones ,then back to see see oncoligest 2-40 ,after a discussion he decided to listen to my chest as the pains in neck ,back,chest ,and shoulders was getting to me ,he said I had to stop chemo. And steroids for two weeks ,as I know have a chest infection ,I've been complaining about the pains even before we started treatment so i am thinking I had this before we even started ,even though I told them evrey visit ,he put it down to the myeloma ,(cancer) but we will see over the next two weeks,now in fear of sounding like a drama queen ,I had a nephew which had liver cancer 34 yrs old ,on return from hospital yesterday my sister informed me that he had past away this very lunch time 12-15 pm ,they kept it from me because of my appointments and didn't want me stressing ,totally gutted for his wife and two young kids ,it's been on the cards a little while ,so can only be thank full that he's no longer suffering ,God bless him ,but it does not stop it hurting ,where does it ever end ,his determination when I visted him was always it's not going to beat me ,I admired this ,and will now take that as my goal ,R.I.P,Chris

  • Thinking about moving future posts to off posts as its moved away now from smoking even though I've not smoked in 17/18 months

  • So very sorry Alan- however expected, it must still have been a shock. Poor lad. My condolences to all of you.

    Poor you, too, with your chest infection. There does seem to be a lot of it about. I will keep my fingers crossed that it clears up soon and that you can get back on track in terms of your ongoing treatment.

    Big hugs from me.

  • Now posting under general forum,(off topic),listed under 18 months and now battling myeloma

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