day 16 - going cold turkey now

Hello folks!! Im feeling very determined today. Ive really had enough of stupid nicotine! not just fags, but the actual nicotine now! I spend most of my time feeling anxious because im craving a fag that i dont even want to smoke really, my skin looks hideous! (when i quit cold turkey twice before it clears up like magic!!) I feel like crud most of time and wake up feeling unrefreshed to be met with feeling like a crack head for a fag. I notice that smokers are robbed of that relaxation and calm feeling, are bellys are always occupied with the nicotine monster. I HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF THE MADNESS! then to go through all that everyday to risk horrible diseases and die 10-15 years younger....what is the flipping point!? we also pay £8.50 a pack for this service all to avoid about 4 days of horrible anxiety followed by a few weeks of adjustment. Then your DONE! as long as you dont have any nicotine, you are sorted!

The main reason i avoid cold turkey is to save others of my horrible mood, but you know what..sorry..but i dont care anymore! the only people i will be dealing with the next few days arent my friends anyways so why do i care if im abit...distant. My mum knows the drill to just leave me be awhile.

Time to man up, crack on and be done with it. Sorry for the rant im just so annoyed with the whole thing lol xxx

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  • Go Nikki!! You sound really determined I really hope this is the one :)

    Sometimes annoyance or anger really does set your mind.

    I wish you well :D

  • Nice one Nikki. Have you timed how long it's been since you last had any nicotine at all then?

  • Only been 5 hours of cold turkey which isnt too impressive atm lol but the withdrawal is starting, im chosing atm to laugh at myself when i feel abit meh. I have to keep reminding myself its a few days of feeling uncomfortable and then its just the pyschological bits to deal with!

    I do feel really angery with fags Max! like i dont want to look at them, think about them or touch them! Im angery that such a stupid white stick could rule my life tbh...its so stupid really is.

    I do not want to do this again once im nicotine free! xxx

  • I really wouldn't advise going CT and then using NRT, then CT again. You'll just be tourturing yourself. You'll keep yourself in withdrawal forever. It's literally less than a week until you will feel much much better. After that, it's easy to just keep ticking off the days knowing that you're free.

    You can do this Nikki. It's easier than people think if you really want it. With each day it really does get much easier.

  • yeah i felt tortured tbh! no, i dont plan to use NRT or an Ecig at all now. I just want to detox the nicotine out and be done with it now. Had enough of going around in circles! xxx

  • It honestly doesn't take long. You'll feel a bit rubbish occasionally for a few days. After that, it gets much much easier.

    You'll do it this time Nikki. No problem.

  • Im sure by Friday ill be on the mend again :D xx

  • You sure will :-)

    I expect daily updates so I can nag you whenever you need it lol

  • don't look too far ahead if it seems daunting. Take it day by day or even hour. Just think - with every passing moment there is less nicotine in your system…don't top it up ;)

  • Dont worry there will be plenty of moaning to come im sure :D

    Keeping myself busy as much as possible tbh even if that means keeping my hands busy on this keyboard!! and munching tic tacs :cool: xx

  • You can do it! There is something good about getting through those first 3 days nicotene free that boosts the confidence and conviction not to smoke again!

  • Puddles yeah it really is worth it isnt it to do it solo and really achieve being crave free!

    Felic, I hear what your saying I think i would say the same tbh BUT I find NRT really soul destroying if im honest, i don't wanna offend anyone as it only my opinion but its like replacing one problem with another and when i wake up in the morning im still an addict and it gets tiring fighting craves everyday to achieve....still being an addict.

    It works for some and i think thats fab but for me, I want the addiction gone! Ive got a heap of determination and experience doing it CT in the past, i know my weaknesses etc Ill be fine i think. I will be on this forum the first week like glue! lol xxx

  • I felt exactly the same as you Nikki. I felt with NRT I was just replacing one problem with another. That's why I just went CT and got it over with.

  • yeah I totally relate to all that. like err stuck in traffic squirt squirt of nicorette spray...walk to class squirt...lunch = squirt it becomes the same as smoking really! I knew it was just pure addiction when i was smoking, i would pick my spray over a fag sometimes for a quicker and cleaner hit lol habbit is 10% of it.

    So im nearing then 24 hour mark and going into day two! I dont feel wonderful but i dont feel awful either. Im trying to seperate my mind from my body as i can feel my body is craving nicotine but my mind is pretty clear actualy. Its gonna get gradually worse now until the 72 hour mark but im mentally prepared! xxx

  • Awesome stuff Nikki.

    You've only got two days to do now and then it will just get easier each day.

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