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No Smoking Day
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1 year today!!! whoo hooo!

Hello all, wow, break out the champagne!!! it sure feels good to finally cross into the year mark!

I can't believe it's been a year already. Yes, newbies - the time sure does fly once you cross the 6 month mark...

it certainly doesn't feel like it'll go by in a flash when you first start - but, I tell you today after a year - I'm wondering where all the time went!

I quit using the Alan Carr's Easy Way and the difference with this quit was I also used this forum.. it's definitely a life-saver and a great friend when you need one.

Keep on going everyone!!

Sylvia xo

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Congratulations Sylvia

Great to see you making it into the penthouse.

I agree everything improves after 6 months.

Congratulations once again.



Well done Sylvia and welcome to the Penthouse, I will buy you your first drink of the night and the start of your second year of being smoke free.

How great does it feel when you reach these scarey heights but you are right when you say that it got better after 6 months I also thought that.

Have a great celebration and remember you get no hang overs from the Penthouse.


Well done Sylvia , to make it to the Penthouse is fantastic.

Best wishes for year 2.:D



I have very personal reasons for wanting to quit smoking-and some I have mentioned on this forum.

I congratulate you on reaching this landmark.......it gives me encouragement.



congrats sylvia!! hope you did something to treat yourself on this special day! i hope to be doing the same in 6 months from now..im half way there!!

here is to your next year and many more smoke free hun!! well done:D


What an achievement - well done! I'm at 8 weeks and a year seems so far away! Can't wait to get to the penthouse! You should be proud of yourself and like the others say, i hope you treat yourself to something fab!


Congratulations Sylvia :D :D



to you sylvia on your first Full Year and reaching the Penthouse. :)

You should rightly feel so proud of what you have achieved and will continue to do so. Here's to year 2 & 3 :)

I also agree that when you get past the 6 month mark things do start to go quite quickly and time just seems to fly by :) See you in the penthouse in just under 4 months xx


Congratulations Sylvia!

I'm really impressed by the number of people on this forum who make it to a year. Hope to be among your number myself, one day.

Bet you're feeling great. You certainly deserve to. Enjoy the penthouse cocktails!


:D Well Done, Sylvia! Congrats on a great achievement!

Race you to year 2!


Congrats Sylvia :)


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