1 Year Today!!!!!!!!!!

Yahoo, I finally made it.

It seems unbelievable that a year has passed since I last smoked. In fact, I can remember looking at this thread on day 1 thinking how hard it would be, but it's been easy since month 3-4ish. Thats when I pretty much last had any pangs!

What to say? Nowdays, im fitter, happier, richer, smell nicer, breathing better, not coughing, not wondering if im going to die of cancer, doing my kickboxing, wellbeing is great, not tired all the time etc.

A big thanks to everyone in the forum who helped me, particularly at the start, and I always found every post inspirational.

Paul :-)

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  • Good on ya Paul....feels great doesn't it???

  • Paul, fantastic, looks like you will all be tripping each other up on the way to the hotub :D

    Great to see all the positives and I am sure all the newbies will be inspired.

    Well done and enjoy.

  • Well done Paul

    Yeah, the year is a significant thing, good to remember though that it's all the hard work was done before you got into the penthouse, all the you rose above the crave and said no were the times thatactually got you through and will continue to do so.


  • Hiya Paul

    Well done mate we said back then we would do it, well I knew you would i was blagging at the time ....good skills mate see you in 6 months for the 18



    I hope that every one can feel as good as you obviously did after you reached 3/4 months, and I hope you love the Penthouse and all its benefits x

  • Good on you, enjoy your special day.


  • Congratulations, Paul! Another one in the Penthouse.... place sure is getting crowded :D Well done, Paul!!

  • Well done Amsie , Penthouse status has been well earned for succeeding in a such a dedicated quit .............best wishes for year 2 .

    AWESOME ! :cool:

    Regards Trev

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