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1 year today!


Get in!

On the 9th September 2011, I had my last cigarette. Since then, I've turned my life around.

As you might have read, I had failed so many times before that I threw myself totally into a fitness regime to take my mind off smoking, and help me feel the benefits.

It's apt that a year to the day, I ran a half marathon today and got a new personal best, with a pretty respectable time (in the top half of 8000 runners)..

I still have crappy days, and just as much stresses as I did before, but now realise that putting a cigarette in your mouth doesn't reduce stress.. It just causes more by giving you something else to worry about..

For anyone starting out on the journey, I would say that you should just get into your mindset that you are not losing anything at all. For a much better overview, just read Helsbelles post, which I would agree with 100% (apart from the bit about the disney princess. I only do that at weekends)

I would also say a word of warning.

Although it's been a year, I have no doubt that I'm only 1 drunken night away from accepting a smoke and ending up back at the start. We are all recovering addicts for the rest of our days.

Now where's my beer and nachos to celebrate!! :D

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Congratulations Barney, inspirational stuff....apart from the Marmite-free zone bit in your title, that's a disgrace :D

The marmite reference is because I live in Denmark. Believe it or not, marmite is illegal here!! I have to smuggle it in when I go home!

You're kidding!!!!! Illegal why? Wow! I've been breaking Danish law since I was a little kid :eek:

Great post though, did you run at all before you quit smoking?


Excellent achievement. Be proud, as I know you must be.

I was running a bit, but always struggling to do more than a 50-60 minute run, as my lungs would be on fire! Can also see a massive difference in my heart rate nowadays.. Shocking how much of an effect smoking has..

Check out the news from last year by the way

Well done Barney - and a great post. Huge congratulations - and welcome to your new home - another penthouse flat taken !



Barney!! Congratulations, that's just brilliant. Welcome to the penthouse. Pull up a beanbag/bar stool/hover chair/throne. Pour yourself a cup of tea/glass of champagne/pint of beer/schooner of sherry. Enjoy the view over the rolling hills/tropical coastline/sparkling city lights/cosmos. The penthouse is what you make it. Enjoy, you totally deserve it.


PS Thanks for the link to my old post, very touched by that :)

Fantastic and well done! Enjoy your time in the penthouse....... You have earned it!:)

Awesome post, congrats Barney!

Well done you!!! That is just fantastic!! Another one crosses over to the Penthouse! I am working my way there also.

I agree that we will always be one puff away from smoking again so we must NEVER let our guard down. This forum and the people here are the best in the world and will get you right through any spot of trouble. They don't judge or blame. If you fall, some one here will pick you up and start you back on the right track again.

Enjoy the view, you have earned it and so PROUD of you!!! ppat

well done barney

welcome to the penthouse


Well done - inspirational and aspirational. I like what you say about once an addict...so true.

Farley's rusk banned as well? What's going on in DK!

Successful september stoppers

Well done Barney. Good to see that at lest TWO of us have reached this stage. Hopefully there will be more of the S.S.S. team reporting in shortly.

Well done Barney and Grumpie - I'm not far behind you and will be joining you in the penthouse next week. We should be proud that us September Stoppers have done so well :D:D


Congrats Barney...you September Stoppers were an early inspiration to me having stopped in October. Keep a drink on ice for me and well done.

Lisa x




Its great to see so many of you reaching the penthouse :)

Well done barney and so inspirational ;):D gonna send you some blackmarket marmite but don't tell anyone shhhh ;):cool:

Zoe xxxx

A year is just great, brilliant :)

Who the hell is Dave :eek:

Now you know how Rodney felt in Only Fools And Horses with Trigger :o

Just for you Karri! :D

Cheers people.. Means a lot to be safely over the 1 year mark now.. I shall keep the beers cool for the rest of the September Stoppers!!

/Nigel (Dave)

Well done Barney. now that you,v quit u could start blowing up the bouncy castle for my arrival in oct.


Congratulations.How bloomin marvelous is that and what an inspiration to all us newbies.

I am now even gonna try some Marmite... cos you mentioning it has had me fancying some all day.

Well done on the year...Grumpie as well (and Francob if he's still going)!!!

Be with you in 15 days :D ... Its going to be an Octopirate mutiny on the good ship penthouse!!! :D:D

P.S. I'm Dave

Well Done Barny

Great to here you made it to one year with some great advice, thank you.

One question ? why is Marmite Illegal over there ?


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