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No Smoking Day
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1 Year today for Fiona

Hi Fiona :D:D


Huge welcome to the Penthouse

Love and Hugs

Marg xxx

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Thanks Marg.

I am truly pleased to be here! I never though I would get to this place this time last year and feel so secure and happy to be a non smoker.

I've been diagnosed with arthritis, depression, seen my mother in law suffer cancer, been on holiday, taken a stressfull course, passed an exam, played tomb raider and beaten the bears, wrapped many xmas presents and seen in anew year. All without a single puff.

Nothing was too hard to overcome. Nothing would have been made better by smoking.

This forum has saved my sanity. The people in it have been brilliant and truly supportive. Education is the key.

Thank you to all who have helped me through and well done to those who have had the courage to quit. Its bloody marvellous!!

Fi xx



Amazing Fi, you might not have known you could do it, but plenty of us around knew you could. Put your feet up, relax, cause lets face when somebody else arrrives on Saturday there is going to be one hell of a party.


Congrats Fi

Never really was a doubt.

Have a fantastic time in the penthouse.

Will be by later in the year

Congrats once again.



Fantastically well done Fiona and a brilliant post reinforcing my quit

Louise xx


Thats fantastic Fiona....how proud you must be:Dand rightly so:D




Hi Fiona, Congratulations, So pleased for you., Always looked out for your posts when I first quit, and you were and are great encouraging and supporting everybody else....

Am not far behind u now Fiona 11 months tomorrow, and like u never thought I would get this far, but so pleased we have.....

Enjoy the penthouse u defro deserve it..... Big Hugs Kaz xx:p


Very best wishes for your special day Fiona, I hope you are just as excited today as you were looking forward to it. You sure have been through a lot in that year you can wear your medal with pride.

Jackie x


Congrats Fi :)

A cool quitter and the vanguard of the large contingent of DFSers coming through to 1 year. You've done it in style and I'm sure that won't change for the future.

Superb to see that you have come through the year.


Congratulations and welcome to the Penthouse.:)




Thank you for all your lovely comments! Its things like this that make you feel good about it all. I feel like this day is more exciting than anything i've experienced in a while! (i'm getting old I know!) There will indeed be a party when bella and crew stumble and bumble in here in a few days time!

Im glad i've helped people. I quit for 6 months once using allen carr. It worked for a while as I understood the logic behind it. However, I soon forgot as it didnt keep being reinforced. This forum helps to reinforce the quit by continuing to post on others threads. You never forget why you quit in the first place.

Looking forward to shooing you in the penthouse in a month Karen! Then herding the others in later!

Anyway, I have to say Marg and Cav and Bernie. Its a bit dusty in here. And who wee'd on Nogs sofa.............:eek:


CONGRATULATIONS, Fiona! Welcome to the penthouse! 1 year of freedom and many more to come! Jody


CONGRATULATIONS Fi!!!! What a year eh.... glad it's behind us! You've made it to the Penthouse girl! If I was the emotional type I'd tear up.... well, actually I am a bit, moving on :rolleyes: I'm so proud of you.... this would have been a crap journey without you! Glad you were/are my quit buddy! Big hug to you, love, bella xxx


Many congratulations on reaching the penthouse Fiona. You are an inspiration to us novices out there.

Great Job,

Lorraine :)


Sending you HUGE congratulations & hugs Fiona. Well done on reaching the penthouse & your first smoke free year. Here's to many, many more.

Gaynor xx




Well deserved my friend!

Who would have thought it hey!!

See you VERY soon! Shall I bring wine and nibbles?


Just to say Congrats hun i remember your first few days and here you are moving in to the penthouse. Big well done Fi.xxxxxx


Ah Fiona, I have been so looking forward to being able to congratulate you on your first anniversary.


And many more to come too, I am sure. Your achievement is truly fabulous, and is an encouragement to the rest of us too.

Hearty felicitations. (I did get that the right way round didn't I? Not the time for a spoonerism!)


Girlies! Bev and Nog - my partners in crime - how long have we dreamed of this time. There will be davo soon too and i'm sure there are another couple still on the wagon.

Titch and lozza- you know, its great to see posts from new quitters. Thank you so much x Gaynor, this time forever x

Jody and linda always supportive, thank you. Deke, my sock man. Its truly lovely to see you post. Miss your japanese dodgyness. x



Only just seen this - many congratulations on getting to the Penthousw.

Can't wait to join you.


Fiona, my sincerest apologies for not seeing this yesterday, i didn't answer every new post last night due to it being the worst monday ever.. and then some.. so as i was not in the mood for using my pc let alone forums.. i spent less time on here.


You have a quit set in stone now, its that solid, at 12 months and keys picked up for the penthouse you are in a great position quit wise. Although the penthouse is a vision set up by forum users who've quit for a year or more.. nonetheless its a target to truly aspire to, and here you are.. moving on in :)

The truly best bit though Fi is that you can say 'i've been quite over a year now!' and i really can't wait to be able to say that.

So congrats, well done and here's hoping year 2 will be even easier.. which i'm sure it will be!



Well Done Fiona

Its really good to see another batch of 1 year members getting to the Penthouse.



Thanks guys! Its stupid how a well done pat on the back makes you feel good, but there you go! All being well my nest thread here will be a two yearer!


My little caro, you've done so well. It means a gazillion things to me to see you still around and still quit and still posting on here and posting on my 1 year trumpetless thread! Thank you xxxxxxx :)


well done - you were always exactly 2 months ahead of me !



Well done Fiona! Enjoy reading your posts, and love to see people reach the 1 year..


Well done Fiona !

A whole year of being smoke free :D....well done you !

Enjoy your healthy smoke free life in the comfort of the penthouse , take in the fresh , clean air and give yourself a big pat on the back ....what a great milestone you have reached.:)

I will be joining you in 10 weeks and two days .....not that I am counting lol.

Best Wishes.


20 a day 30 years :eek:

Quit 28th April 09:p

3 months patches

6 months cold turkey


Really sorry I'm late

MASSIVE Congratulations Fiona


well done, a fantastic achievement! Big hugs and a pat on the back for you.

Fiona 1 - Cigarettes 0!




Thanks to guy and jude and trev, tinks and jadeline! Its lovely to read hurrays for a one year quit. It sort of makes it even nicer. Its quit(e) nice here but the music needs a bit of modernisation!


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