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Wayhey!!! 1 year today!!!


Hiya folks!!

well would you believe 'fag-ash' shabba has done it!!! Every-one thought i wouldn't do it, as i was the one who used to say 'i love smoking me'

well guess what-i love not smoking even more!!!!!

I'm sitting in the penthouse with StuH my quit buddy in my skimpy red bikini by the pool and it feels great!!!! Well done Stu!!!!!!

to all forum members and future forum members-it really is worth the tears, the weight gain-only for a while!, the 'lost feeling' and the craves-IT DOES GET BETTER!!!!

Great big hugs to all my friends on this forum-you know who you are!!!

Have to go StuH has just bought me a cocktail!!!!

cheers every-one xxxxxx

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Hi Shabba :D

Great 1 whole year well done you have a drink on me


Marg xxxxxxxx

So glad to see you here, Shabba - Congrats on your year... awesome.

Likin' that bikini too :D

Fantastic day, isn't it?

Thanks Mummy M and StuH!!!

the only thing that would make this penthouse better is to welcome your mum here-not long now, can't wait to see you in here Marg xxxx

Hi Shabba :D

Thanks I'll be along soon Promise


Mummy M xxxxxxxxxxx

Hi Shabba :D

Thanks I'll be along soon OK



You better be!


I'll keep a bottle on ice for you, Mum.

Congratulations on a year Shabba:D



You better be!;)

I'll keep a bottle on ice for you, Mum.

You can bet on it and better make that 2 bottles OK

Two of you on the same day!!! Congratulations to you too Shabba, what's up can't you dance? Hope to see you both one day soon in another place. David

Shabba hunnie you done it girl.

Knew you would dont forget to keep me a place.xxxxxx

1 Year Absolutley Fantastic! :) Well done, you truly are an inspiration to all us newbie's xx


Welcome to the Penthouse Shabba :D

Wow, I must say you've brought a touch of class!! :cool:

CONGRATULATIONS, Shabba!!! 1 year is fantastic! Hope you enjoy the penthouse and get a room with a view!

Well done Shabba.

A Fantastic achievement.

I'm sitting in the penthouse with StuH my quit buddy in my skimpy red bikini by the pool and it feels great!!!! Well done Stu!!!!!!

Piccies or it didn't happen!!!! :eek: ;) :D

Tomatpots10 Years Smoke Free

Well done Shabba

Welcome to the top :)

Congratulations Shabba a whole year you must be so chuffed.

Wishing you many more.

Jackie x:D

hello boys-red bikini!!!


there you go boys-me in the penthouse in my red bikini!!!!!!

NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

in my best Lesley Phillips voice --

"Ding Dong"

Welcome to the penthouse, so please you could make it ;)



Thay are still about!!!

LOL I knew you would cause a stir in the penthouse :) One whole year quit!!!! Congratulations Will see you there soon! :)



thanks nic xxxx thanks for all your wonderful words of encouragement:D-fancy a skinny dip???

thanks bella babes-saving a place just for you-as i know you WILL be here very soon xxxx

going to finish off my bottle of red wine-feel alittle *hic* dizzy!! (no really i do!!)

Shabba :)

Wow, a year :) thats a hell of a huge milestone to hit.. more than i've quit for ever and i have utmost respect for what you have done here.

Very nicely done, and in case no-one else has said it... nice photos! :) (i said photo's right?.. yeah i did.. oh thank god for that!)

Enjoy the penthouse ;)


Very well done

Its a bad chapter in your life your life you can now put behind you.:)


p.s. hope all is well elsewhere in you life.

NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free


thanks nic xxxx thanks for all your wonderful words of encouragement:D-fancy a skinny dip???

wayhayyyy now there's an offer ;)

Deke9 Years Smoke Free

Hey Shabba, huge congratulations on reaching your first year milestone. many more to come I'm sure. Brilliant stuff. You, Stuart, Nic, and many others, you've all been a huge inspiration to me and loads of other quitters too - so huge thanks for that too.


Congratulations on the big 1 year Shabba :)

Here's to many more years for you.


Sorry I missed this the other day but am really pleased for you!

There are a few of us who'll be knocking on the penthouse door soon - make you sure you keep the place tidy!

Thanks for all your support - enjoy your celebrations :D

Congratulations shabba! well done to you for your penthouse rising!


Congratulations, welcome to the penthouse! Hope the view is to your liking!


Congratulations and well done on making it to the top floor:)

Well done hun!! 1 year is a huge achievement. You have been an inspiration to us all and will continue to be from the penthouse. :D

Good on you :)



AWWWWWWW Thanks to every-one with all your fab words, it means alot and i really couldn't do it without you

Can't wait to see you all at the penthouse-PARTY PARTY PARTY!!!!!

good on you

If only I'd had this support 5 years ago. It would have been much less expensive.

Anyways well done for your success:D

Congrats Shabba

Congrats to you, 1 year, hear what your saying about being lost, but hopefully find myself soon.

Long way to go yet but closer than if I still hadn't even stopped.

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