No Smoking Day
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Exactly 2 months today

Well i feel like today is a fresh start on the next hurdle and i am adamant to get through this month without a blip. (still cutting myself up about the one in Feb!).

Finding it a bit harder though although i dont want to smoke. I am using my spray too much i think. My aim is to get through this month and then from month 4 start weaning myself of the spray. I feel too weak to try it the now and just want to remain a non smoker and not jeopordise it.

Away to read some Month 3 posts for inspiration...... x

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Well done!!! Forget about the blip, it's ancient history now :D



I agree with Alex. Don't beat yourself up, you're on the right road now! Be proud.



Thanks, i appear to be doing this quit in little stages. It really is all mental!


Well done, good work.


Im the same on the blip thing, really knocked me. Just need to move on and keep on. Im Day 63 today, fed up, stressed, bored with thinking about it but made up still going and positive for the future


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