Celebrating 1 year today!

Hi guys,

I don't know if you remember me but I am very proud to say that its 1 year today!!! Its been really tough at time but there have been months since my last craving. I even had one puff in March to see how I am doing and I started to cough from the smoke just like a non smoker!!!

I am free now and celebrating :))))

Its been a tough battle, but I won!

For the many more years to come:



PS: Hoping that my quit buddies are doing good too ;)

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  • well done ninetails on your year

    welcome to the penthouse

    give yourself a big treat you so deserve it


  • Thank you guys, I'll make sure to celebrate it to remember it.

    I will keep on going and never look back.



  • Congratulations ninetails, you have done so well, I can't wait to be where you are :D

  • Mega big WELL DONE!!!

    I feel so jealous of those hitting 1 year - not that I'm wishing my life away - but this little holiday in +6 months seems to be dragging a bit.


  • Well done ninetails...

  • Welcome to the penthouse Ninetails! Top job xxx

  • Congratulations. I do have to ask though, why did you decide to smoke the one cigarette? That was pretty risky.

  • :o sorry i seemed to have missed this the first time around

    Well done you :)

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