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Sugarpuff made it past the 3 month mark!

Hi all,

I know I don't call in much, but felt I would check in to report my 3 WHOLE months of not smoking fags! That after 47 years of impossible addiction. I only did it with the help of the e-cig, which I still rely on, yet it's something I believed that I would never, ever in a million years be able to achieve. I was of the opinion that I didn't want to live what's left of my life miserable. I didn't want to denigh myself something that was part of me - whatever the cost. I have not smoked a 'real' ciggie since 15/01/14. The e-cig has saved me. Obviously I wish I could knock the whole thing on the head as have many of you brave peeps, and I hope to do so in time. Yet at the moment I am happy to be where I am.

For those of you new new quitters, read my anguished post here. It may help you get through the hard times.

Good luck and love from Sugarpuff.

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Thanks Jenny

An added bonus is that unwittingly I have inspired at least 4 other people to stop smoking (if SHE can do it ANYONE can). I really was that bad!


Kat and Gemma

And to add, I don't know what happened, but I would just like to say that that Kat and Gemma are severely missed on this forum and I would like to wish them them every future success and happiness in their lives. You really helped me. God bless you xxxx


I remember that thread, Sugar!

Re: attached. Answer: you are.

S xx


Wow, amazing 12 weeks just keep going.

I can just see the penthouse lights my lovely, well done:)


Sugar Puff

Your Amazing:D

That's all I can say:D


Sugar, you're a star- you really are. :)

All I can do is echo what Beer just said. I remember your first posts very well. Everyone finds it hard at first but you really did have some demons to conquer. To have come this far is a testimony to your strength and determination and I have no doubt that you will make it to the Penthouse in style.

Huge, huge congratulations from me. And don't give a second thought to the e-cig. You'll park it when it is the right time for you I am sure.

Well done you brave girl! :)


Thanks so much for all your replies/support. Are ex smokers the kindest people in the world? I reckon!


Whoop whoop for you.....sugar:D


There's my quitting buddy. :D

I was worried about you man, but I thought about you often. I am very glad to hear you have not picked up a pack of cigarettes and started that ridiculous habit all over again. Guess what? I am STILL right there beside you!

It's hard to imagine when you made your distress thread that we were only EIGHT days into our quit. How far have we come eh?

I echo everybodies words. You're a star!


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