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I Made It 3 Months Down now Into Month 4~So happy

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I have NOT SMOKED for 3 Months, 1 hour, 40 minutes and 3 seconds (92 days or 13 weeks 1 day).

I have saved £395.19 by not smoking 1,565 cigarettes.

I have saved 1 Week, 14 hours and 35 minutes of my life.

My Quit Date: 24/10/2010

Good morning all,

Here i am finally posting at my past 3 months stage and i feel great. The first few weeks were bad'ish but i truely feel amazing now and i so far have not had any of the terrible '3's in this timeframe infact i would say i have sailed through since my last funny moment on the 18th Nov.

I now dont think about ciggys esp the morning one which was my worst one, i can go to the gym and not get out of breath and i have started to lose some of the weight that i put on when i had my twins but not when i stopped smoking.

Anyhow, i stopped early on the 24th Oct so my 100 days will be 1/2/11 so you may see me again then.

Good luck to all quitters as it can be done, believe me. Its worth it in the long run to stick with it and not have that ONE MORE PUFF.

1/4 year done 3/4 to go and i can join all those in penthouse.

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Well done indeed Jo :D

I hope to reach that milestone in 2 months ;)

Well done Nutty!

ALways enjoy your posts, keep 'em coming now and then.

I'm fast approaching 10 weeks and chewing lollipops like crazy ...


Thank you both for your kind words.

Camperpete....You will be here at this stage in no time just stay strong and positive.

Luckydog.....Enjoy your lollipops and well done on nearing the 10 weeks thats great.

Both of you dont let your guard down as you never know when nasty, naughty nic might try and get you to take him back, but your stronger than that so nasty nic can jolly well sod off.

Brilliant Jo, Well done :D

Onwards and upwards and all that :)

S x

Congratulations! Don't be a stranger though...


Well done Jo, Good to see you are still doing so well.


Gaynor x

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Levs1000 Days Smoke Free

well done Jo. Really pleased for you :D

Just to warn you the terrible 3's are just what they say. I haven't had cravings since turning the 3rd month and I have had any since about 7wks. They won't beat me as am too stong for them but it was a shock to suddenly have cravings again. I know I had read all about the 3's but after not having a craving for so long I thought I was not applicable but apparently I am.

Stay strong and don't be a stranger, there are loads of new people of here that could use your support (as you have supported many before) and what with the advice from Camperpete and John they need a sensible ear. Those two keep recommending something called 'Housework' :confused: not heard of it myself, I preferred playing on the xbox, but your help and advise was always on par.

Take care hun


Hi Jo

Congrats on your excellent quit - keep up the good work!!

In honour of your achievment I thought I would let Davofgy enlighten us all with a well researched and frankly genius article from the world renowned American magazine who's name escapes me.

Anyway here is the link: forum.nosmokingday.org.uk/s...


Well done Jo, Jo :)

I'm so pleased for you. I remember you embarking on this quitting journey, very nervous and fear of unknown.

But you've read, knitted, supported others, researched and now look at you, you seem a completely different person, confident and proud and rightly so ;)

Keep up the great week

Luv & hugs

Tinks xx


Hi Jo, well done and congratulations, thanks for taking the time to reply to my message. xx

Hi Jo, well done on 3 months completed :D and thanks for all the support when I first joined x

Hi Jo!

A massive well done to you! You've always had such a great attitude from day 1 and although you see many ppl come and go here I'm glad that you weren't one of those. You were always posting about how you felt and I'm sure that helped those behind you as well as ahead (bad days are bad days and you were always there to help anyone who was having them wether they were at day 1, month 2 or 6 months).

Enjoy your scarf collection and come back to this post if you ever need to in the 'terrible 3s' ahead :) xx

Hi Guys & Gals

Thank you all for your kind words over the last 2 days. I truely am grateful to all of you. I def wont be a stranger and i am here everyday just not posting mainly reading.

I feel extremely lucky not to have had any cravings what so ever for so many weeks and if im honest i dont think i will do from now on. My life have changed so much and the mear thoughts of cigs make me sick, the smell is even worse and when im near anyone that had just had one or is having one it really makes my stomach churn and glad that i am no longer one of those people. I knew that i wanted so badly not to smoke when i gave up in Oct and i have no intentions of ever going back. I cannot beleive that i used to smell so awful and for the life of me i cannot see what the attraction was when i had to go out for my puff upto 20x a day somedays. I was brainwashed and now im not, i will never be complacent about my stopping but i know i will never go back. The 2x i gave up before were for the wrong reasons and i felt differently this time its totally different i know its for keeps. I only have one regret now in my life and its one i have told my 3 boys and thats i wish i never ever had that first ciggy at 19 yet no good looking back only forward im not going to think about that too much my future is a brighter one now. I can actually see the light at the end of the tunnel, i can go out and it feels great to not have to find those nasty little blighters so that i have them with me, life is much calmer and YES i have been tested recently with severe stress and circumstances that in the past would have made me turn to cigs but NO i have not wanted or thought about them even when totally angry. I have had a dream a few weeks ago in that i actually could see the cig in my dream yet i told the person in my dream that i dont do that anymore and thats disgusting, it was not in my mouth or anything just there. I also have had in the last month another dream where my Gran who has been gone for 5 years came to me and said she was proud of me, i felt her there with me, i actually felt like i could touch her, we were talking and i actually told her i had stopped smoking and no i have not had any nic in my system since 24/10 and no champix since 31/10 so totally unrelated to chemical reactions. I do think that this dream was because i am totally at ease with my quiit and no longer feel that i could fail because i wont be im never going to be a smoker ever again.

I am so much happier now its really unbeleivable, im a new me and what scared me before that no way could i stop well all that was bo*****s to be honest we can all do this just remember to do it for yourself and no one else.

Good luck everyone

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