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Mark 3 calendar months

Mark has completed three calendar months and didnt even mention it which proves to me he as cracked it. Bless him he is suffering with man flu again like he did at the start of his quit so this evening should be fun. Got him some beechams but if he is like he was last time it should clear up really quickly. When he smoked he would cough and splutter for weeks and weeks after. Ive not had a cold yet dont get them often but when I did would cough for weeks after the cold had gone so if Mark give this cold to me which he will try to do I will see how well I cope with it.

Well done Mark even though you wont read this :D

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Hi Mel :D :D

Mark that is great 3 months done and dusted Congratulations

Mel please give him a hug from me but mind you don't catch that man flu from him OK you're doing great as well ans must be almost 3 months as well


Marg xxxxxxxx


........another 3 weeks before i get there. I will put a mask on before I give him a hug lol :D



Hiya Mel,

Well done to Mark on his 3 months, won't be long before your there as well hun.

Will answer you mail tomorrow, ok?

Love & hugs. Gaynor xx


Hey Chrissie he might not turn that down!! he was suffering and so was the poor dog he is terrified when mark blows his nose lol. :eek:

No worries Gaynor speak soon :)


Hi mel glad to see ur still here with us, must be 3 months now hun, hope uv not got the flu and hope mark is only coughing and not 'oinking'!!


Hi Mel,

I am glad you and Mark are doing well on your quit:D not so well with the cold lets hope it doesn`t last too long.



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