i made the five month mark,

Hi All

well i made it to five month today, and very happy with myself:D

been time when i did'nt think i would make it this far, try so many times

before. but here i am and here i am straying, thanks for all your help and

up-building words you gave me in all this, you been true friends,

please keep the help coming;)

take care all


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  • Well done!! its good to hear about successes! :)

  • thanks a lot. very kind of you.

    all the best


  • Well done Alan. Stay strong.


  • Great going alan,no turning back now....:D

  • Well done Alan

    % months thats fab. Doon be in the half way pebthouse congrats mate. xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Thats Fantastic and you should be very proud of yourself.

  • I didn't realise that you and I stopped on the same day, Alan!

    Congrats on your achievement and good luck with keeping stopped for good!

  • And the same to you also, keep the good work going Plumski.;)

  • Congrats Alan, it was always a pleasure to have you pop in here to offer your support, congratulations on your five months :D;)

  • that's brill Alan...just a couple of weeks behind you...better keep at it or I'll catch you up!!:D:rolleyes:

    good luck...


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