Made it past the first year!

I made it to my first year anniversary of quitting smoking on the 8th kinda got busy and I forgot to post here lol

I am so thrilled that I can say I am 12 months smoke free now and will continue to not look back :P

Now I am working on losing the weight I gained... and some more lol

Congrats to all my fellow quitters, each milestone is definitely a celebration :)

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  • Great

    Hey that's great . Hope i will be where your at in 12 months or so . Congratulations

  • Congratulations hun on reaching your first year.

    That's absolutely bliming brilliant.

    Here's to the next year and the next. Enjoy the penthouse :)


  • congrats on one whole year cant wait to be where u are now

  • hey! Congratulations! Don't you just love the fact that you forgot and other things got in the way? I, for one, love not having cigs as my priority!


  • Well done Lissa!!

    Loving seeing more 8-9-10's reaching the penthouse!!


  • Wonderful .. you are an inspiration to me

    a whole year ...

    and ever vigilant .. cool xx

  • Huge congrats, Lissa!

  • Thanx everyone! :D

  • That's fantastic Lissa, MAHOOSIVE congratulations!

  • well done Lissa, 1 year is a great achievement, it must feel wonderful!! keep on going!

  • Thanx everyone :D

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