No Smoking Day
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2nd Day harder than the 1st!

Stumbled across this site trying to see what torture was ahead of me LOL!

Yesterday was a breeze, I seem to be struggling today!

I keep reaching for my smokes and lighter? over and above that i keep wanting to go for a smoke every time I complete something , and for some reason my mouth tastes like ****.

well lets see if I can get through Day2 and into Day3 tomorrow.

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Very warm welcome, you are definitely in the right place. I think most of us have reached for our cigs when craving old habits die hard. It will get easier just hang on in there. No pain without gain so to speak, and you will gain in many ways, your health will definitely gain and your wealth too. Keep strong and post on here whenever you feel the need. Lots of support here


Thanks for the replies :)

Using champix , however after work has a beer and NOW the craves have hit like mad!!

been smoking since I was 18 and did me national service (Army) am now 44 and man , i SHOULD NOT HAVE HAD A BEER! I keeping looking for my smokes , what makes it worse is the "Mrs" had the same quite day as me (31st March) and she made half a day and is smoking :( , I told her our attempts at quitting are not "Team events" but rather for our own personal reasons.

trying to support her whilst she is feeling sooooo bad , and then having to sit here and watch her smoke is KILLING ME!! i wanna scream at a her (but i have to be supportive) SIGH *** deep breath , lets see what the morrow brings ??


Welcome Sa-Dude,

Whilst the Champix should dampen down the craves a bit, the fact remains that whatever method you use to quit at first it's pants. :(

The good news is that hard though it may be to believe at the moment, you really do come through it and out the other side after a while and then things become easier and easier. At the moment though, you'll just have to dig deep and find ways of dealing with the physical and psychological side-effects of quitting. There's heaps of information on the forum- there's nothing someone hasn't experienced, probably hundreds of times- so read as much as you can and post as much as you can (you're welcome to shout, scream and throw a tantrum- we'll all understand and do all we can to support you wherever you are on the emotional roller-coaster).

You're doing great to make it this far especially as your wife is still smoking. It isn't easy, but it is possible and you can do it. :)


...I told her our attempts at quitting are not "Team events" but rather for our own personal reasons...

Valuable point Dude, quitting for others, or entering pacts with 'quit buddies', can be a dangerous game. Should the other person let you down you are vulnerable to a relapse.

Far better to be clear from the outset that you are quitting for that most selfish of reasons - yourself:)


I totally agree with this. My partner smokes but we too have quit together and I've held onto this quit with everything I have. He smokes in the car with me and that's his choice. I choose to not smoke. I've had some serious stress since I quit but I got through hour by hour at these times. This is your quit Dude and yours alone. Hold onto it my friend. If you can stay quit while your wife is smoking your quit will be more solid. You are doing an amazing thing for your self. Well done :) x

Agreed. My partner still smokes and though not ready to quit, has cut down considerably and is doing her best not to smoke in my presence, in the house, in the car, and so on. It's sad that yr ptner not being more supportive Buttercup....very difficult. But yes, bottom line is...the quit is for YOU, so big kudos for sticking with it in difficult circumstances.


Goes without saying but congratulations on taking the big step to quit. Its a big decision to make but always keep in the back of your mind that it is whats best for your health (and your pocket).

What you described is a chain events oh so familiar to most of us on here. As well as the addiction, its the actual physical addiction of smoking that we need to break also and thats the torture of the first few days. You will find that you have triggers you didnt even know you had. And if you smoked for a long period of time, it will astonish you how much smoking was part of your life.

When we quit, its like we lose a best friend. Its no longer there when we want to celebrate something, or we want to comfort ourselves or wanna pass time and not feel awkward. The list is endless. But you have to do your level best to not idolize the smoking; make a list of all the reasons you want to quit - and then reiterate that list to yourself over and over and over and over.

Im not going to say its easy, cos hell its not, but this is a period of discomfort you just have to bite down and battle through. It does get less intense and the days and weeks fly by.... and once you get over the initial torment, those days and weeks do fly by and soon you'll wonder what on earth was the big deal about smoking anyway.

So keep the motivation up, see those ciggies as the enemy (not your friend), battle down the hatches and plough on through this! You will get there! you will! and keep posting here. I found reading other peoples stories and sharing experiences, no matter how small or trivial, really helped me get through the severe cravings and 'moments'. And guess what... almost at the 6 month mark here now and even still I like sharing the experiences and try offer advice like this when I can. It really does help with the process.

Good luck


You can do it, keep going and it will get easier I promise:).. This forum is a huge help and you'll get a lot of support here - it helped me a lot


really glad to have read your post...i too have had a few niggles today,but have hung on,im on champix day 10,i also am using a vapour nicotine type.fed up of chewing gum .cleaned house top to bottom,mowed the garden be honest cant wait to go to bed,hopefully a better day for both of us tomorrow,cos tomorrow we move up to day 3 .never thought i would get this far.feel a bit fed up but very proud of me xxx


thank you helene and everybody else for your support ..see you all on page 3 days xx


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