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No Smoking Day
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Day two is waaay harder !!!

Hello all, My name is Sherri, I live in the states and I am on day 2 of my quit. Not feeling too bad one moment then really mad the next. I so don't want to fail this time, I wish someone could put me in stasis (sp) for about three months and then let me out when I am over it!!! I guess that is not happening. Hahaha !

I have smoked for 30 years and I guess the hardest part is filling in time when I would normally be lighting up. Anyway, I just wanted to wish everyone the best of luck. Hang in there.... I am too!!

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Well done Sherri and welcome to the party

It's all going on in here! :)

It can be difficult at times and at the beginning I felt as mad as a box of frogs!!....but it does get easier.

How long have you stayed quit for in the past?

Wishing you all the strength in the world for this one.

You sound positive so .... this is the one for you! :)

take care



Hi Sherri & Nifty, I'm 25hrs in & feeling good at mo.

I realise i'll probably have some bad days (i did in past attempts) but this time i am trying to stay positive & started my quit enthusiastically for all the right reasons.....last couple of times were half-hearted (about 3 years ago).

Hang in there Sherri...we can do this :D

All the best



I like this: Mad as a box of frogs!!!

That would certainly sum up my situation. Absolutely sure I am going to flip out any moment!! No seriously I am just trying to convince myself on a minute to minute basis that I can do this.

To answer your question, in 30 years I have never quit for more than a day or two so this is really huge. I try to keep in my head the thought that really the world has moved on from smoking and it is now time for me to move forward as well.

Thanks for writing back. This does get easier doesn't it?? :confused:



Hi Sherri, and welcome

Well done for deciding to quit. It is a bit strange when you suddenly have time on your hands when you would normally be having a smoke. You get used to it after a while, and come to appreciate that you don't have to plan your tasks around having cigarettes, and can just get on and do the tasks without continually having to stop to have a smoke!

Also, IT DOES GET EASIER! in fact it gets a lot easier as time goes on.


Sherri, every time you feel yourself wanting to smoke try writing down your reasons & write down the positives & negatives to quiting....a) it will take your mind off it for a while & b) it will show you why we all need to quit & stay smoke free.

I'm not trying to preach as i have no right, i'm only just over 25hrs in myself but none of us have anything to gain by smoking. Try to stay strong lovely.

Take care & lots of luck



Thank you ;) Working on it!


Sherri - as my old buddy Biggrin says....


I was told this by sooooo many long term quitters when I joined the forum and I thought "yeah....right!"

But before long I have to admit.....it did!

The thing is, we have to "allow" ourselves to let it get better!

We need to take our time and allow ourselves to heal :)

As you said your quit so far is massive....but you ARE doing it.

Be proud :)

Stay strong and keep us informed

Take care



I am about 60 hours in and have distracted myself by assembling a flat pack bookcase....... more swearing than usual but it has worked as the night time is the hardest for me. Then I intend to read more and fill it. Feeling positive and this forum does help knowing there are others out there. Good luck everyone.


Hi Sherri and ramasus

Oh my goodness you have my complete admiration and complete empathy, sending you both a virtual hug!!

I am on my 9th day, I so miss smoking, I really enjoyed it, and Xmas day 4pm had this tremendous urge to stop, had not planned it at all. Then I stopped.

I know I have done the right thing - at the moment the urges are not as often and not as strong. The awful thing is that eating an orange takes away the urge!! I am detoxing and I cant help it lol.

I am far from being a health nut - dont know whats happening to me.

I have no vices, I am so boring now - no cigs, no alcohol, no partner - might as well become a Buddhist monk now.:confused:


Night time is harder for me too which is why I am on here.

I have found that listening to interesting audiobooks is really good takes your mind off things, but it must be something really gripping of course. Sulking helps too and pinball sweets for children.


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