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day 19 and getting harder


hi all, day 19 for me, getting abit harder now for some reason, keep up the good work quitters, noel x

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Levs1000 Days Smoke Free

Hi Noel,

The 3 wks mark can generally be hard. its part of the terrible 3's Have a read of that .

One thing I can promise you is that it generally last a few days and when you come out the otherside it feels great.

Stay strong and don't give in.


Hi mate,

You will have good and bad days, just stay strong, we are all here for you


thanks for replys you two, i guess today im saying then, i choose strength over weakness, health over diesese and life over death, just last night got me couldnt stop wanting to go to all night garage and buy some!!!! in all honesty its the first night i couldnt get to sleep so maybe that was it but that rule of 3 rings true

Hi Noel,

Am on day 19 today and am really suffering - i can't tell you how good it's made me feel to log on and find someone else (or loads of others) who are having the same struggles. Naively i thought the first two weeks would be the hardest, but today and yesterday i have been thinking about smoking almost constantly....pleased to say i haven't given in to the nicodemon, even if i have been a complete nightmare at work and home (sorry OH!).

I guess it's just a case of always having your guard up, as i think i relaxed a little towards the end of week 2, feeling like i'd got really far etc etc.

Am currently eating a big bowl of peas to take my mind off the cravings - don't ask why, but peas or sweetcorn always help, mainly cos i eat them one at a time and it takes me ages to get through the bowl. By the time i'm done, i've forgotten about smoking!! Works with peanuts too, but i'm trying to keep the weight down so peas it is!! :)

It is just not fair when you get into the third week and things start going down hill, but that seems to be way of it - very often. I soooo nearly caved on Thursday last week (my third week) but realised that I have not really had a crave since then. Tiddly "oh I wish......" but nothing serious.

Hang in there quitters!

I will be using your peas and corn method Jennifox, sounds brill


Well done evrybody. I am now half way through day 22 and really enjoying the sense of power I have at being able to say no.

Monday (only 3 days ago) was terrible, I wanted nothing other than to burn half a dozen off but sod that, I've got this far and there is NO going back.

My friend (who inspired me to stop) is now into his third month and tells me he still gets cravings but simply laughs them off.

Stay strong - shout/scream/eat a bowl of peas - do whatever it takes to get through another day people.

Sian is right ;) week 3 can be a toughy... it was a nightmare for me, but once you get through this week then into week 4 you do feel a bit better and stronger .. as you have supressed the demon :o I had all kinda things happening to me, sore teeth, ulcers in my mouth, headaches , the lot but get through this and you will be well proud ...keep up the good work and dont spoil what you have achieved so far..

good luck

Hi all and grt work for staying sooooo strong i admire u ALL . I;m just going in to my day 12 and boy am i struggling . just been reading that it got harder and i am now s******g myself to be honest.. ive laughed on gd days ... cried on bad . had sores and ulcers (still have them ) sleepless nights and nasty dreams . (them too)headaches ... temper tantrums like uve never believed (i'm running very low on plates) and as for food i hate all the new tastes of things lol ive gone off loads of my fav things ..1 is'nt a bad thing (coca cola) used to drink 2~3 2litre bottles a day but dont like it any more so i am detoxing from caffine too BUT i will say when i walk past or shall i say smell a smoker in the street it makes me feel sick I HATE THE SMELL that if nothing else is gonna make me stay quit to think thats how i smelt day's ago OMG .. Wishing you all the very best . thinking of u all .STAY STRONG i'm trying too x

aged 31 smoked for 21yrs 25~30 a day last ciggie 07/12/10 @ 18.30pm:D

I'm glad to know other people find week 3 hard. I thought I was going mad that I was craving much worse now than at the beginning. But apparently this is normal, and it helps SO MUCH to know that.

On Day 19 and this is the first time I've seriously considered buying a pack. Thanks to your comments and honesty, I'll wait. But seriously, if I still feel like this on day 22, I may cave in. Thanks to all who have written here for letting me know I'm not alone in feeling this way.

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