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No Smoking Day
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Day 3 - 1st post for me!

Hi everyone,

This is my first post, but I haven't had a cigarette since Monday and I'm feeling the dreaded Day 3 blues. I'm doing this cold turkey, which is hard, but I think the best way for me. I was smoking up to 20 a day and I realise now what a big part of my life it was and how everything I did, somehow related back to smoking - It was the punctuation in my daily life.

I'm trying to occupy myself with other things, but my mind keeps drifting back to cigarettes. I don't want to smoke, but I do keep thinking about them and I know how easy it would be to give in now. But I'm determined to do this and reading other people's posts has really helped, because it makes you realise others are going through the same thing.

Good luck everyone!

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Stick with it your nearly there.

ConGratz Edders on making it to day 3!

Just keep on remembering that because you went CT, after today there is no more nicotine in your body!

Thats a huge deal!

After that it's all about your mind battling your subconscious. Everything is in the head and looking after that is what matters most, get your head in the right place and you win!

Good luck.


Day 3 is the worst!

All downhill after today (well sort of!)

They do say that on day 3 the nicotine is leaving and your "nicodemon" is fighting hard to get his fix so he can stay in your body. Sounds silly when i write it down, but made more sense when i read it in someone elses post!

If you can get through today, you should start to find things easier, so good luck and stay strong.

Count in hours for today, ie i will not smoke before 12, 1, 2 etc etc.

Works for me!



Cheers for the advice!

Yeah I'm gonna do this! I ws just thinking that by now, I would already have smoked at least 5 cigarettes on an average day. So glad I'm giving this a go, because when I think about, it really was controlling my life.


Congratulations on day 3, I'm there too but don't think I could've handled going cold turkey.


Im a day behind you, cold turkey'er too:)

Good luck, stay strong.


Stay strong Edders! I quit CT too and day 3 was by far the worst day of my quit (well - sort of). It does get slightly better every day after that!

Also, this is one of the "terrible 3's" people on here talk about. Might be worth reading this if you're interested:



Hey, you are nearly at the end of it though. And then all the nicotine will be gone. You need to work on the education side though. Its like listening to a broken record on here i am afraid. Read, read, education, pma, read, post , post, read blah blah! It does work though. Thats how we all pretty much were successfull! Well done on your quit!


yes day 3 for me to , i started on patches on monday took it off yesterday ,so iv been ct 24 hrs . pleased with myself .:D

jan x


im on day 2, cold turkey too, i`m glad some people are doing ct too, so i know what to expect lol

well done on getting to day 3 xx


Thanks everyone

Well I've made it through day 3 and I'm going to bed now. :D

Thanks for all the words of support. It's really helpful to have others knowing what you're going through and it's really made it easier for me. Tonight has been tough. My wife is still smoking and we've had a bit of a strange evening - I'm sure it's more me though, but I hope that she also quits soon as it make sit harder for me till she does.

Goodnight everyone.

Roll on day 4!


Edders - and others

Hello and welcome to the board. Well done for deciding to give up smoking.

I did it CT and am now 6.5 months. There's a smoking diary I posted in the 6 month room which gives soem details of how I got here - hopefully it will help you but all quits are different.

You will soon be coming to the week 1 milestone - and thats great.

When it gets hard just grit your teeth - the craves will pass and it does get easier.

Post often - it really helps and the people here are great. I wouldn;t have got this far without them.


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