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I'm Back :)

Hello All,

Well day one begins anew for me. Picked up my RX for Chantix last night and beginning today. I am glad to still see some old timers still here but great to see all the new peeps as well. I look forward to meeting you all!

It has been a long 10 months since I have been here but I am ready and able to do this now. Have a lot of new tools in the arsenal so feeling really positive! ;)


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Hello Karri and thank you. It has been a long time coming lol.


Thank you Debbie.

I have tried every other method but Chantix. Could not believe the cost :eek: It was $250 US but it will be worth it in the long run.

A new year and much has changed, I have made major life changes this past year and this is the last of the bad things that has to go. I am very much looking forward to the journey this time. Now I know what I have to do.

It feels good and right to be back. I have a lot to prove to all those people here who have supported me time and time again last year. (you all know who you are!!) You guys are the reason I have come back here. ;)



I am so glad you are here!!!

Yes, this will be the one for me. I am firmly committed to this and I am not giving up. I think I am really ready for this. Already cleared the house of all smoking materials. Buying a new house and hopefully will be closing in three weeks. It will be nice to move in to a new place with no smoking history there.

Of course there will be no more beer and ciggies on the patio as I used to but I am half way there. I gave up all alcohol in January and haven't faltered on that.

Feeling much healthier and happier with much better skills to cope with triggers and such now. I have learned the difference between want and need since I quit drinking. It was a really huge step but I have conquered it. Same fight, different demon lol.


Hi Sherri, welcome back, and good luck with your quit :)

Also **hi fives** to quitting drinking since January aswell :) x


Welcome back Sherri and good to meet you.


Thank you everyone. I'm am so pleased to be back here and to met all of you as well!

Now I best get a bit of work done lest I get sacked this morning lol. :eek:


Welcome back Sherri, good luck! :)


Ahhh Max, I was about to come looking for you lol.

Getting on with it and feeling good about the choice..... :p


Welcome back Sherri x

Think we both slid off the perch around the same time & now we've hopped right back on :)

Think you will be fine this time with such a strong determined attitude. We really need to take advantage of all the support offered on here don't we?

Lots of luck flower :) Trudy x


Oh my lucky day..... Trudy and Doodle yay!!!!!

So glad you're both here. Haha, we have been quite the serial quitters haven't we. Ahhh just good practice is all. Now we know what not to do lol.

It's like a reunion ;) now we positively have to do this right don't we?


We'll all skip into the penthouse together...or maybe i'll hobble in, but in we will go....think i'm getting a bit ahead of myself :D x


I think I can see an unholy trinity developing :D

I'm sure all three of you are going to make it. And nice to meet you Sherri. :)


Nice to meet you too Skiddaw!

You may be correct lol, the start of a very unruly crew!! :cool:

A question for the Champix/Chantix users: Did you feel that the drug actually took away your desire to smoke?



Hey Sherri

Welcome back stranger! Best of luck with your quit!



Hello Sherri.

Welcome back and good luck :)


Hello Sherrie and welcome back:)

I think I remember you from my previous can do it this time you,ll see:D


Debbie, one word... Awesome!

Carol, Sarah :p wonderful to see you are here! Susan, so good to meet you.


Great to see you back Sherri, we shared a quit date in March 2013 :) Champix was my saviour after lots of lost quits and I hope it helps you too :D


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