I'm back and feeling strong

Sorry for not posting for a few days but I needed to sort my head out.

As you can see I'm back on day 2. This time I'm not sad about it because it's all part of the quit for me. Falling down and getting back up may have to be the way I go for a while, but I wont stop quitting.

I've been to docs and Im on anti d's so I think that will help. I've been reading Allen Carr's book and although I've read it before, it seemed to get through to me this time. For the first time during my quitting I don't feel deprived or as though I'm making a sacrifice. I feel that I'm doing it because I want to be a non smoker and not because I feel that I SHOULD be a non-smoker. I know I've said it loads of time, but this time I feel is the time that will work.

Hope everyone is ok and feeling strong


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  • Hello hopefull.

    Good for you mate, everyones journeys are different and you are on the path you are on for a reason. I wish you all the best. Sometimes you need to sort things out in your head in order for you to have a clear mind to begin again. I think when you realise the damage an addiction causes and you are ready to do something about it inside and out, you can address the issues which make you want to smoke.

    On day two so lots of health and happyness to us both

    Jen x x x

  • Thanks Jenna, Good luck with your quit. Let's see if we can get to that penthouse together. You should join the April Shower 'cos your one of us if your on day 2. The more the merrier.


  • Hi Hopeful :D

    Welcome back

    Glad your Dr gave you something for the depression, that should help you and you say you've reiread Allen Carr's book which will help as well especially as you no longer feel deprived, well done


    Marg xxxxxx

  • Ahh thanks Hopefull!!

    It was my birthday in april as well so i would love to join a group!! how do i do it??:o

    x x x

  • I can't remember how I did it but i think you go onto quick links and then click on social groups and add your name that way. I think I copied and pasted it onto mine. As you can probobly tell I'm not great on the computer and quite new to it. If you have any difficulty just post a message asking for help and someone will soon tell you. Great to have you on board.


  • Hi

    Great to see you back...Wondered where you went glad your doing ok. Ive brought the allen carr book today but it says to smoke whilst reading the book? Should i start again?

    Dont want to use it as an excuse to smoke but i do want to get the most out of this book

    lee x

  • Hi Lee :D

    Don't you dare use that book as an excuse to smoke HA HA It says in there somewhere that if you're already quit to just read it to reinforce your quit or words to that effect

    I'd been quit about 6 weeks before I bought a copy as loads on here kept on about it

    I read it and found it helpful


    Marg xxxxxxxxxx

  • Hi Acewisdom

    NO NO NO Please don't do that! It also says that if you've already stopped don't start again. It's a great book and has really made me feel confident about quitting. I didn't 'get it' the first time I read it. Having just read it for the second time, it made so much sense. I'm going to read it again 'cos I can feel the difference it's made to me. For me, I was moping about stopping and hating the way I was feeling. The book has helped me with that. I can now, at last, see that I'm not giving anything up and I'm infact gaining feedom from a horrible addiction. Hope you find it as helpful as I have.


  • Hi

    :DOk thats good because i dont want to start back at day 1 again!

    lee x x

  • Hey!

    I think i have joined the April crew.. if not i'll try again, i keep hearing about this alan carr book.. at first i thought " yaaay!! i love him and justin lee collins" :(

    Dont think its the same guy though..i'm gonna go and buy one tomorrow. i started this self help book... " detox your mind" (bloody hell.... i have issues) and have a new exercise to do everyday for 30 days... today was that i had to smile at everyone i saw... how i wasnt admitted to the nuthouse i dont know as i fear i may have looked slightly unhinged, smilling widly at everyone. But it did say one really lovely thing.. that we spend 90% in our own heads, we rarely look around and take in the beauty around us, today i realised there was a beautifull tree outside my daughters school and i never had seen it till today.. its a good thing to do.. get out of your head ( not in the illegal way ;)

    Anyhoo, the house is gleaming, me and the kids have had a disco in the kitchen and my jaw feels like its about to break in half from the clenching :D

    hope your all ok, oooo i feel all part of a gang and everything.

    Jen x

  • Hey Hopeful

    Glad to see you back and on the quitting trail.

    The easy way is a great book and I had to read it twice to get the best from it. I also have the CD of the book and I have a quick re-cap most mornings just to make sure my sieve of a brain does not forget any of it:o

    Never doubt you decision to quit, You made the right choice.

    Have a good smoke free day:D

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