Hello again i'm back..at the beginning!

Hello all,

Well the good news is that i'm going to be smoke free for 2009, the bad news is that since i last posted i've been smoking like a chimney, but lets not dwell on the past :) so here i am back at day one and determined to make it stick this time!!!!!!! hope you all had a fab christmas and new year (and that heads aren't hurting too much today!!!!)

H xx

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  • Welcome home helen

    Sooooooooo Pleased to have you back. We will do it this year no more slips for us. xxxxx:D:D:D

  • Welcome back Helen

    Good luck with your new quit, you know the score, try to learn from the last time and make this "the one".

    Best wishes


  • Well done Helen, just get through today smoke free.

    One day at a time

    Good luck


  • Welcome back Helen - Nice to see you again.

  • Welcome back and good luck Helen :)

    Hopefully we can all spur each other on and be there for each other when needed.

    I think this site is fab, i have found out so much useful information which I'm sure will help me :)

  • Welcome to your New Yrs quit - and a smoke-free 2009 :D

    Good luck...when you wake each morning choose not to smoke today...the days soon become weeks and the weeks months...

    worked for me!!!:cool:

    good luck


  • How you doing today Mate. xxxx

  • How you doing today Mate. xxxx

    Yes, Helen.... how was your first day on wagon, actually almost 2 days now.

    Hope it's going smoothly.

  • mmmm

    well done you!! getting back on the horse is the best thing u can be xxxxx

  • So, Helen - You've been very quiet!

    I think nearly all of the new New Year Quitters have been reporting in with their progress.

    So, how are you doing so far?

  • hello helen

    welcome back :D

    forget the past you cannot change it so it is over and gone, look to the future which you can change :)

    have a happy and smoke free 2009:cool:

    love margaretxxxx

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