I'm back

Ok so i just smoked my LAST CIG EVER! i am soooo fed up with this. i quit for a month and have smoked (secretly) for the last 2 weeks, but this is it for God's sake this is mad. i am hiding in the kitchen with the window open hoping the kids will give me 5 mins to finish before they need me, what the hell am i thinking my kids NEED me to not be hiding in the kitchen slowly killing myself.

i know i can do this, i did do this after 1 month quit i was feeling better and finding it easier. my OH does not smoke, my sister has quit my whole family think i quit ages ago and they all think it is great.

So i know the tricks the monster plays with his great friend white wine and i will never let him do that to me again.

My littlest daughter just started school yesterday, so here i am a free woman in every sense and i will start my new life right here and now, i will be a fit, healthy, happy mum, wife, daughter, friend and a great big wonderful ME.

Thanks for reading.



it doesn't matter how many time you try, the thing is to keep going

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  • Hi Bev it is my day 1 aswell. I quit for 8 weeks then fell off the wagon and been smoking the odd cig since. Today decided to knock it on the head once and for all, is horrid isnt it knowing what we know yet still keep doing it. We can both do it and we WILL do it x

  • Well very best of luck ;)

    Bev, I'm sure you'll have learned where you fell last time, so likely you'll do your best to avoid that temptation now.

    Heres hoping for a good speedy start so you can get into cruise gear again ;)


  • Well done for getting back on the wagon! I am so in awe of anyone who can quit again so soon. I couldn't do it. xx

  • Good luck Mel, you can do it. Perhaps you could give a good old read to the literature in the cignatures to help you get there.

    Wishing you good luck.


  • Good luck Bev and I mean it sincerely, don;t have a fag, you really wanna go through Day 1 again?

    Keep posting and keep reading.

  • thanks for all your words of support guys, i just had my first "oh i fancy a cig" and then thought thank God i don't have to do that again. i know there is no quick fix, and everybody is different but i feel that i have finally had enough of this yo-yoing between secret smoker and non smoker, there is only 1 option and that is never to smoke again.

    I am focusing on the fact that by Xmas (parties etc) i will be 4 months down the line and will be able to enjoy the fun without thinking too much about fags.

    So here is to all of us, just not smoking.

  • well done bev, glad you come back. good on you.:) youre day 1 almost done xx

  • you can do it this time bev -

    as you said, you got your days to your self a bit more now so you can really focus on you and making this happen.

    good luck - you can do it :)

  • Bev

    PUT......The.....White Wine ......down!

    Good girl:D

  • No stress of a big holiday and temptation galore in front of you now either, you got all the signs going your way right now :)

    Good luck.


  • Bev if I was in your shoes.

    Bev, I would like to start off by saying I consider myself a logical person. In my opinion quitting smoking comes down to this. You either do it or you don't. Bottom line there is not in between. Yea you messed you and had a few more no big deal, obviously you were not ready yet. Bottom when you are ready it again comes down to either you do it or you don't. The only way you will be able to quit is if you have self discipline. Bottom line you are either going to think logically and make the true choices you want, or you will go based of emotion and impulse and smoke that cig when your addiction is calling for it. Be the bigger person for yourself and your family and next time you crave that cig, just think ,"Am I a strong women of my word, or do I give into temptation and make excuses in order to feel better about my choices". In the end Bev it is your life, if you want to be dependent on something that kills and robs people of lives then so be it. But me, cigs are not a part of me any long, I am stronger and will never wither when addiction attacks.

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