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Newbie day 5


Hi all

Found this forum and have read so many of the posts these lasts couple of days and I think they have been one of the few things that have stopped me from throwing in the towel so wanted to say thanks.

i am Currently on day 5 of quitting, started with champix but made me so sick that and have now gone to CT. Have so far found it soooo very hard. really grumpy and short tempered and i think on day 2 i very nearly went mad with the cravings. Heart racing, head spinning and like i was ready to scream at the next person who got in my way in town! My husband has been very supportive and is at my beck and call which is no easy feat when even i don't know what i want (well apart from the obvious!) but i still just feel so on my own. i am surrounded by non smokers who haven't a clue of what hell i am going through. Crumbs self pity alert!!!!

Don't get me wrong i need to do this, i want to do this and i will do this but please tell me its going to stat getting easier soon. I think the only thing keeping me from smoking again is the thought of never wanting to go through these last 5 days ever again!

Ok woe is me rant over, sorry!! bring on day 6!!!


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So glad you're here and you posted.

Yes it does get better, hugely better, brilliantly better:D

The first week is horrendous for some but if you can get through that: it improves and you'll never have to do it again.

Be really nice to youself and wallow in self pity if it will help.

Get mad , get angry, shout and yell (don't punch people in shops) if it will help.

Curl up in a ball and cry if it will help.

But don't smoke.... don't stray from the path.:D

Well done Chloe it does get easier, I found day 5/6 the hardest so far and the more days you get under your belt the stronger your will power gets because you start to believe in yourself that you can actually do it!

Good on you

Thanks everyone xxx

Hi Chloe, welcome to the forum :)

Well done so far, you've made a great decision that will improve your life in so many ways! Sorry to hear that these first few days have been tough for you. It's not a lot of fun at all but, like you've said, you will NEVER have to cope with those days again as long as you stay quit and remember N.O.P.E (not one puff ever).

It gets soooo much easier as time moves on and there are some great members on here to offer you advice whenever you need it. Just remember to get your butt on here as soon as those cravings hit. You won't regret it. So many of my "almost fails" have been saved by coming here first :D

Good luck and I look forward to hearing more from you! Xxx

Hi Chloe.

Congratulations on reaching day 5, you are doing so well.

The first week is always the hardest and it does get easier.

Stay strong and remember N.O.P.E. You can do this. :)

Welcome Chloe :)

I can only echo what the others have said. It's pants at first but almost without you noticing, you come out the other side and things start to become easier and easier. You're nearly through the worst of it now and should be SO pround of what you have achived so far. You'll soon be counting in weeks and months rather than in days.

Well done you!! :D

Hi Chloe, you're doing brilliantly so far....just keep in mind how bad it has been, perhaps keep a quit diary or post daily on here..if you ever get close to caving, remind yourself how much you don't want to go through it again :)

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