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Newbie to the forum on day 10

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Hi all, seems like a good place to get some extra help in those moments when you feel a little craving.

I have given up before (for 3 years) so I know I can do it again.

I am one of the lucky ones, I have managed to give up without any help from any nicotene replacement products, but although I have done it before it gets harder each time you try.

I'm not having too many cravings now, but it's just the habit of going for a fag at the door that's hard to break. I find myself loitering in the kitchen thinking "what was it I was going to do? Oh yes, have a fag! Oh I'm not smoking anymore!"

I also started back on my diet the same day as I gave up smoking (fool?) and have managed to shift 5lb because the thing that frightened me more than anything was gaining a whole load of weight which would send me racing for the ciggies again!

Anyway just wanted to say hi to everyone really! I am a forum addict, so I expect I'll be around a bit! :D

11 Replies
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Hi delilah

Why , why why did bible have to make that awful joke ? :)

O.k welcome

10 days is great work !!! and doing it cold turkey- i salute ! well done on that .

Yeah the door habit is just something you did as a smoker, all the things you did before as a smoker have to be unlearned and we have to learn to do things as someone who no longer smokes can do this by like bible says just standing by the door for a bit getting fresh air or by not standing by the door, whatever you find easier to help you deal with that bit.

I wouldnt worry too much about weight gain at this early stage in your quit whatever goes on , can come off at a later more convienient time.....i know thats easy for me to say as a guy but in terms of health and looks then smoker will do far greater damage to both of these than a few extra pounds will so bare that in mind.

If your a forum addict then have a assume you will have checked out the recommended sites?

there is alot of reading and great information on your addiction to nicotine in the sites listed in my signature , this will help you understand the quit process better and allow you to prepare for those triggers that have caused you to go back to smoking in the past .

A big well done on your time quit so far ...your almost through your second week which is fab so you are well on your way to being quit forever :)

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Thanks for that, I was expecting the dire jokes! *round of applause* :D

No, I am actually finding it easy compared to some people who have such terrible physical withdrawl. The most I've had is a mild headache and I would imagine that's more to do with giving up caffeine and refined carbs (my diet, carblife forum is helpful on the subject if you're interested!) :)

My main goal now is to STAY given up!

I think because I find it comparitively easy to quit, I find there is not quite such an incentive not to start again. However, the difference this time is that I know very few people who smoke any more. Once all my friends smoked, but one by one they've all quit too.

But it is strange after even a couple of years, I will suddenly get a strong urge to start up again, so I must try not to do that again. I will be 40 this year, and don't want to be smoking in my 40s. (Didn't want to be smoking into my 30s either, but that didn't work out! :D )

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Hi Delilah, welcome to the forum, it's a nice place to be, for real. These folks are full of of advice and will pick you up if you're, will always have a good bit of advice on hand (as you may have gathered already from their posts here :p). Stick around and let us know how you get on!

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Hi Delilah

Huge well done on getting to 10 days and welcome to the forums.



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Hi there Delilah,

Well done on getting to day 10 - that's great! I'm just about with you as I'm on Day 11.

I've found it quite tough at times but it is certainly getting easier. Like you, I gave it up for a few years but fell into the trap again 10 years ago! I didn't want to be in my forties and smoking (a forty-something lady smoking is most unattractive I think!) so as I approach my 41st birthday - I have managed to quit!

Stay strong and post on here whenever you can - I can't believe how much it has helped me! I can put cravings out my mind cos I think 'what would they think on the forum if I caved in - I can't let them down!'

Add your name to our list of Jan 09 quitters 'Team Monkey Bar-Stewards'!

Check out the post in the 'general' part of the forum in the thread about Jan 09 quitters!!

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Well done Delilah on 10 days.You have done well and sound very positive,keep it up.

I am on day 11 and managing ok,most days good,yesterday was quite difficult but got through it.

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Well done Delilah and welcome to the forum, it really is a great help as I have found, very childish those silly jokes about your name - only cause they got in before me:D

Feel free to join the team, there are a couple of links in the general section, hopefully it will add to your motivation.

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Well Done!

Hey Delilah, well done for getting this far, I'm on day 12 and can totally relate to what you said about walking round the kitchen wondering what you were supposed to be doing.....smoking! It's a wierd feeling, so now when I get that I log on to these forums and that generally helps as everyone is full of great support and advice. Join the Monkey Bar-Stewards group, we all gave up in January, just add your name to the list. :)

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Thanks all for your replies!

I keep getting a message saying "sorry, the administrator has banned your IP address", so I don't know why that is. Sometimes I can get on the forum, other times I can't!

I am doing fine, hardly thought about smoking today, I miss it when I'm in the car though as I always had a ciggie in the car.

I find forums very helpful, better than any weekly support group, as it is more like a 24/7 support group! My diet forum is great too, I actually find dieting a lot harder than giving up ciggies, I don't know what I'd do without them.

Can someone direct me with a link to the "Team Monkey Bar Stewards" thingy, I don't know where I'm meant to add my name.

You can make all the jokes you like about my username, it's not my actual name, so I don't mind a bit! :D

Cheers all, keep up the good work. :)

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Go to this one and stick a post in Delilah

If you go to the User CP at the top left you can add the signature and that sort of stuff in to your details:)

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Well done Delilah you are doing great hun :)

Welcome to Monkey Bar Stewards.



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