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Sunday lunch


So day 7, I don't know how I got here, but I have. It's been tough to say the least.

Anyway went out for Sunday lunch today at my local pub, we normally have lunch and then go into the top bar, have a few drinks, watch the football and play pool ect... Monday mornings are never good lol

So we have lunch and a few of our group start rolling their fags and getting ready to go out and have a smoke, I didn't know what to do, obviously I would normally be heading out with them, so I sat there for a bit chatting with the non-smokers and it was so boring!

They soon come back and we headed into the other bar, by this point I am full from my dinner, full of jealousy of the smokers and p!ssed off actually.

I made my excuses and left.

So I don't really know what the point of this post is, but for years my Sundays have consisted of a roast dinner, a few pints, smoking and hanging out with my friends.

This is the first Sunday since quitting and I couldn't handle it, so what happens now? Are my Sundays over? Will I ever enjoy a roast dinner again?


P.s sat at home grumpy!

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Course you will Rustler. :)

Now you've done it once you'll find it much easier to go again next week. It won't seem so 'wrong' as it did this week. It's that trigger thing- the first time you do something that always involved a fag or six in your new smoke-free life always seems odd and makes you feel disconnected, weird and cravey.

You'll see- next time it won't feel that way and if you can persevere for a few weeks your brain will have established a new 'normal'.

Well done on your week by the way- what a fantastic achievement!

Hey Lewis,

Look at it from my perspective.... no smokes and no drinks arghhhh!!!! You kind of get used to it though. Ummm eventually lol.

I'm feeling your pain!!!

Take heart, I will be joining you once more on Wednesday, Whoo Hoo. :eek:


Good to see you made it through and well done for leaving instead of

a) resorting to a smoke

b) driving your mates mad with your foul mood.

The comments above reflect my experience as well. You will enjoy your Sundays again but maybe not for a few weeks:D

Worth it though.

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