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Had relapse cold turkey quit date sunday !!

Hi, feeling really low had a relapse and i really wish i had not had a puff but did, not going to beat my self up too much (just black & blue)

My new quit date is this sunday and will be going cold turkey, got lots more reading and video watching to do but hope to come out stronger and ready to beat this addiction !!!. please need loads of support....

Thankyou to everyone for their support on my last quit and well done (BIG BIG WELL DONE) to those who have got through each day without taking another puff.

Lots love alison xx:mad:

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Hi alyson, like you said, dont beat yourself up, each fime we try we get stronger and learn from it and you sound really positive about your next quit and you will do it!

Keep strong and I will watch for your posts from sunday and remember wanting to quit and deciding to go for it is the hardest part done and dusted.



Hi tracy,thanks,am just trying to get my mind in gear, just seems harder each time that i attempt to quit to focus my self, but i feel more determined than ever to beat this crap!!

Would be nice , to be left on an island where their are no temptations ,but eh this is the real world .

no doubt i will be on here from sunday onwards ranting and raving :)

look forward to speaking to you again.

lots love ali xx


Hi Alison :)

So sorry you had a slip but don't beat yourself over the head about it you are still determined to do it and that is what matters and you will have learned from your mistakes

Beyween now and Sunday read as much as you can, post onhere if you want to or you have questions whatever

Remember we will all be here for you every step of the way




Hi Alison,

Have a good day 1 on Sunday,you can do it.


Hey Alison.. as the others have said, dont beet yourself up too much, as you'll see from my sig many of us have fallen off the wagon many a time. The important thing is that you dont give up

It really is amazing how much you learn on every attempt both about smoking and about yourself.

Best of luck for Sunday, will be watching out for your posts sunday morning :)



Hi Alison,

All the very best wishes for Sunday. I think it's great that you are starting again, when it would be so easy not to. Keep on keeping on... and keep strong.



Big thanks for everyones support , and looking forward to my start date tomorr,

A New life !! all i can say is im nervous and frightened, but at the same time looking forward to beating this addiction . one step at a time.

I still have lots to read so fun fun fun.

THANKYOU TO EVERYONE WHO HAS SUPPORTED ME !! please dont give up on me ...lots of love ali xx


Hi Alison :D

Glad you're looking forward to quitting tomorrow there is no need to be nervous or frightened we are all here for you every step of the way as you say one step at a time take it day by day, hour by hour even minute by minute if you need to

I for one will certainly not give up on you I promise I will be in and out tomorrow but will certainly be around for some of the time and will look out for you




Good luck

:)Alison Good luck for tommorow, U will do it as u sound determined....

Its so difficult and if it wasnt most smokers would have stopped by now.

Each attempt you learn more, This is the one.... Go for it... And B Strong x:)


:)Hi alison,

just wanted to say good luck for tommorrow although i think you definately in the right frame of mind this time, will look for your posts tomorrow and keep strong you sound really positive, go for it!



Hi many thanks iquitjanuary,

Have only just read your reply to my older post in one of my quit attempts.i am lurking in the background every day....

I am still smoking and i still want to quit every waking hour. today was ment to be my quit day again but obstacles have delayed this or rather my fear of stopping ,excuses i know ,but somehow i lost the strength and will power i had on previous attempts and im desparately trying to get it back. i have constantly read your posts and they are so positive for me .but

Im having many battles in my head WHY ? when i am still smoking .

If anything i am smoking more than before. i just feel crap everyone around me smokes i am faced with it each day and i just feel i need to be on my own on a desert wish. what a loner i am at heart. or perhaps antisocial !!. sorry to go on and sorry if im not making much sense. but im intelligent enough to know that cigs are killing me and so bad. i just want more strength to stop.


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