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Just after lunch - day 1

Hi folks,

Have lost count how many times I've tried to quit over the years but decided to join the programme at the local pharmacy and do the 12 weeks patch programme and today is Day 1.

I woke in the middle of the night thinking i could just get up now and have a fag before i put my patch on but the thought of getting out a warm bed at 4 in the morning put me off that idea.

Have been ok this morning, not too grumpy (i hope) but starting to struggle after lunch as i always need a fag after a meal and to make matters worse im going out for dinner tonight, i guess i'll just have to dig deep into my resolve and get through the rest of the day. It can only get easier i hope.

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Hi peesha, you're doing great! I'm stopping tomorrow

Hope you enjoy your meal tonight

Get yourself a nice treat at dinner to congratulate yourself!


Hi Peesha - congrats on day 1 of your quit.

I'm on day 2 today and finding craves are further apart. Just think tomorrow you can say just this to someone on day 1 :D

I too find that after a meal my craving is strongest. Remember that it takes 20 mins for your stomach to register you're full, so while we were smokers we were using a ciggy as our signal to our brains that we had finished eating. Its tough but ride out that 20 mins - it will be the longest crave you get.

Get through it and you will be winning the war with the gremlin within! I am doing a sudoku or crossword after a meal at the moment to keep myself distracted.

Why not join the March quit group :D



Well done...

Hi and well done on your decision to quit. Things do get much easier as everyone will tell you, but if you haven't already, then do get rid of all smoking related stuff asap. My quit was postoned by a day simply by having a couple left that I couldn't bring myself to bin so ended up smoking them.... and then buying 10 more to see me through the day...

Stick with it and catch you later...


Hi and welcome to the forum, great to have you here.

Great advice above, I would also recommend you do as much reading of the forum and the links as possible as it will help you to get your head in the right place, and keep it there!

The meal thing can be tough to start with but it will get easier, I promise.

Stay strong, post often and take one day at a time.


thank you all for your encouragement and advice.

I must admit to visiting hobbycraft the other day to stock up on jigsaws, to give me something to do with my hands, i will probably set a guiness world record for jigsaw finishing tonight!

Have just seen a no smoking day stall being set up in the foyer of my office building so grabbed some more info from that for a spot of bedtime reading tonight.


Hi Peesha

Well done for stopping and it does get easier - honest.

I take 10 deep slow breaths after a meal and it seems to do the trick - it's like smoking but without the ciggy :)

Keep strong the support is here if you need it.


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