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No Smoking Day
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Last Day of Smoking, Sunday 11th April 2010

Hi, this Sunday will be my last day of smoking. I pledged to give up on my

40th last November, but failed miserably. Gave up for three weeks beginning of year, also failed. Has to be done, signed up to do a mile swim in September. Wish me luck!!!!! And good luck to everyone quitting x x x x x

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Forgot to say, am using Microtabs and Gum x


Best of luck to you. I quit smoking last year in the summer.. at 40 years old i decided time wasn't going to wait for me, i had to quit.. and be rid of that addiction. Well it worked, i'm still going, and nearly 9 months now.. so if i can do it.. you can too.

believe me i smoked just for something to do half the time, moment of boredom i smoked, for courage i smoked, for stress, i smoked.. i smoked through colds n flu.. it ruled my life.. i averaged on 20 a day, but i peaked at 40 a day for a while too.

If i can quit that.. you can too.

Have faith and believe in yourself. Everyone is capable of quitting smoking, you included.

Good luck to ye!




I did it just past my 40th too! It seems to be a bit of a marker. I'd had my teeth whitened in the November in the hope that would spur me on, but it took my 40th birthday to pass, and patches, and the quit service at my village chemist and this forum to finally kick my backside into action and do it succesfully! Good luck, use the forum and post back your experiences, it helps massively.


Thanks for the support, you have both done marvellously, very well done. Yes, I think hitting 40 makes us re evaluate our health and life, and I do want to be rid of this habit for good, not just for my health, but the money it costs also. I will have to cut my wine in an evening habit out, because the two go together with me. More savings however!!! Going to be hard but I WILL DO IT, I want to be free from this addiction x x x

40 year old mum

20 plus for 23 years


Wine is fine

Good luck on your quit:) Like you wine and cigs were going together and I thought I couldn't have one without the other but didn't stop the wine and I must say I enjoy even more now because it tastes much better:D

31 days today:p


I was abit worried bout the wine too but it doesnt trigger the craving for a cigarette for me, I never smoked in the house so I never stood out the back with a glass of wine and a cigarette?

Good luck for Sunday you can do it!;)


Good luck . My quit date tomorrow but only got 2 cigs left and no way buying another pack . I have really thought about this giving up, do i really want 2? The answer is yes . my chest is sore i dont enjoy them even though i crave when i first stop .If it takes whatever im going to do this .

So good luck to us both lol


Good luck Jans!!! To us both. I have just finished a 14 hour shift, and have 12 cigs left. And I will smoke them all tonight!!! And thats it. I have planned to go for a long walk tomorrow, and swimming on tues. Yes, it is going to be bloody hard, but DO IT. Please let me know how you are going on. Best of luck, be strong x x x x x x x x



hey cath n jans - go for it - you will do well together as quit buddies, it really helps.

good luck for next week :D


Fabulous quote, many thanks for the support. You have done great, well done. I have signed up for the 'Great North Swim' in September. A mile in Lake Windermere. I need to get some serious practice in, swimming when smoking puffs me so much. (No, I don't actually smoke while swimming, lol), but I gave up for three weeks in Jan, and noticed the difference (Why I went back to the cigs, well, Willpower of a gnat, I'm afraid). But three weeks ago, My beautiful cat died in my arms and I have decided to do the swim in aid of the R.S.P.C.A, which is an incentive to kick this habit for good. You have done marvellously. Can you tell me how you have got on, when around smokers,your health and fitness etc?? I found, that the three weeks I gave up for, I found it hard, but not as hard as I thought it would be. (I used microtabs and gum). So I will do it again. But I also isolated myself away from social situations. Which, I will do again, for a while, until I am more confident in myself. Thanks for the support.

40 yr old mum

20 plus for 23 years


Like a pratt, i went a day and a half, picked up my cats ashes from vets, lo and behold, bottle of wine and 20 cigs. However, I am doing a mile swim in Lake Windermere in September, this will be in memory of my boy, I will get sponsership for the P.D.S.A. Bear with me, I will use my thread to post my ramblings. It helps me, thanks for the posts x x x x x x


Sorry about your cat. RIP :(

Going back to the wine and smoking i was pretty worried that it would be the major trigger for me to light up. Everyone warned me 'just you wait until you have a drink you'll start again.' Um... so i got the wine in and and enjoyed it for the first week of my quit thank you very much ;) then i decided to pack in the boozing too. I am now deprived from everything in life apart from chocolate and sex so 'always look on the bright side of life' lol. :o

It does take strength and your gonna be fine. x


Thanks Fallen Angel, you have done really well. Am going swimming tonight, which is a start on my fitness regime, I have five months to get into shape!!!!! I will get back on track, I WILL x x x x x x x x


Thanks for the advice Sanjeev. I absolutely be fill better of my past life !! We all need a technical ****yst from the Indian Stock Market, who doesnt even mention that he's stopped smoking, to give us pearls of wisdom like those outlined below.

'smoking is not a good habit. Smoking is a hard habit to break because tobacco contains nicotine, which is highly addictive. Like heroin or other addictive drugs, the body and mind quickly become so used to the nicotine in cigarettes that a person needs to have it just to feel normal. please live it. You will be fill better of your past life. Really.'

Remind me to look at your other sites for helpful advice on all things. If its cold should I wear a jumper?

Hang on in there mosescat - you'll get there I promise. I stopped smoking whilst I was in Afghanistan so if I can do it out there, you can do it back here. It gets easier I promise - just think how proud you'll feel in a few months time. Best of Luck. Liam.


Well said Liam, your comment puts things into perspective. You have done great, to give up in your position at that time, took immense strength, well done. I know I can do it, as the three weeks at the beginning of the year when I gave up (with the help of 'Microtabs', yes, I found hard, BUT, not as hard as i expected. I have another quit day of this sunday, this time doing it with a colleague. I went swimming last night, and felt so good after I had done 30 lenghts (I need to build up to 64 to complete the mile in lake windermere), but I was puffed. Thanks for listening, I tend to ramble, but i find this forum great, i'll let you know how i go, and once again, well done everyone.

lol, just got the link to the previous post lol


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