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Sunday will be a blast but a good one


:D:D:D:D Hi all, yep i am still here and Sunday will be 1year quit for me. I am not celebrating but will be sleeping a lot better as I have purchased a new orthopaedic bed oh luxury, it arrives next wednesday.

I have never ever got this far before:eek: but it is the most amazing feeling;) all my friends are pleased and my family.

Nothing is ever easy as we all know.

Once I got through the 3months which i remember last time i didnt that was hard, but by 6 months I felt better. If new quitters are reading this all the very best to your quits. I can be done regardless of how you do it. The people who know me on here know how many times I have tried to quit.

Jacqui :)

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A whole year, so amazing. I do hope you feel very very proud.

Am sure the penthouse people have a lavish party planned.

Just great:)

Fantastic news!

You must be feeling on top of the world :)

I'm sitting here drumming my fingers Jockey ;) :rolleyes:

Sunday has come and gone and I'm waiting here for you to post your celebratory 1 year thread so you can get the accolades you deserve :cool:

Come on, don't be shy, you've earned it! :D

Brilliant post Jacqui especially the fact that you didn't really start to feel better until 6 months quit, I can get so far and then the just one syndrome kicks in or the anxiety flares up and I think I just can't do it.... I have a good mind set this time and if I still feel rubbish after a year quit I will smoke ( reverse psychology there) :D

Bet you can't wait for new bed to arrive, I always say "I'm brilliant in bed, I can sleep for days" ;) enjoy it and massive congrats to you xxx


:D:) Hi all i did not celebrate. But my new bed arrived today 10/9. But many thanks for all your replies.



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