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So day 23 and Im supposed to be on step 2 patches but I ran out. Im using half a step one patch. Everything seems to be going ok so far.

My NHS nurse sent me a prescription in the post yesterday and Im lucky enough to get it in the post today :D

Im finding that Im not using my lozenges really anymore. I seem to have a very healthy supply of them so Im selling a few on ebay. See if I can make some money back from my prescriptions ;)

hope everyone is well


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  • I have had alot of troubles getting this far. im too proud to cave in now

    It takes alot of will power. I think fags are too available. I wish they werent in every paper shop or every tesco/sainsbury. They are just everywhere.

    Atleast some stores are covering them up now like co-op :)

    Luckily there are no shops on my way to work-home.... I think I would have caved to be honest

  • So glad you've posted Princess- I was worried about you yesterday :)

    Well done for standing firm despite all that you have had to cope with recently. You're doing so very well and should be proud of yourself.

  • day 24

    I had one of those stupid angry moments last night. I was in Tesco by the cheapy corner and a woman had her trolley across the whole section. She was trying to show off her baby to the lad reducing everything. I couldnt get anywhere near the bargains. Then the b*tch put absolutely everything in her trolley and got the lad to put the stickers on the items in her trolley.

    I was like RAAAHHHHHH

    My OH said, looks like that half a patch 'one' isnt working.... Ive got my step 2s now so hopefully everything will be tolerable today

  • I just wanted to take her trolley off her and throw it outside or something! lol

  • just went on a pub lunch with the work colleagues. Im still smokefree woop woop

    I always feel a sense of achievement beating the fag monster at these times

  • Thank you for your kind words Sir Maximus


  • 20 mins of work left and I dont feel like punching my colleagues in the face!

    a successful day :D

  • 20 mins of work left and I dont feel like punching my colleagues in the face!

    a successful day :D

    Ha ha well done Princess! You are doing just great:)

  • Keep going Princess your doing great :)

  • Day 25

    morning everyone!!

    Last night and this morning my stress teather has been short. I wanted to pick my friends 6 year old up yesterday and throw him out the window! This morning I want to throw my work colleague out of the window! Im the incredible princess hulk this morning. Totally massive pink angry monster!

    Ive put my Mp3 player on and im blocking out the annoying world now :) Starting to calm down abit

  • :D

    Have wonderful visions of you turning into a large, hairy, pink monster...

    Hope you manage to get through the day without ejecting anyone from a window :)

  • 25 mins to go until the end of work.

    My stress levels have gone down immensely, but i am soooo bored!

    I am struggling to do my work, its all muggy in this office and dark outside and I want to go hooommmeee

    whine whine moan whinge i know!

    Maybe I should throw myself out the window LOL

  • Day 28

    Survived the weekend!

    Im feeling pretty great about it actually. No cravings this weekend.

    Ive been shopping and got some bits and dont feel like I need to check my bank account before spendage :D

    im going to see my doctor about my tonsils tomorrow, I have a feeling the lozenges made them raw since november!

  • just booked my 1 month reward. Im going to see the Circus of Horrors

    Ive seen them before but not with my OH so i know its going to be awesome!!


  • Wonderful! :) When are you going?

    Glad you enjoyed your weekend Princess, and hope your tonsils are better soon.

  • Circus of Horrors - were they on BGT? Well done Princess, you're going great guns :)

  • day 29

    yep they were on BGT ;) I might make an effort when I go, I hardly ever wear make up, so I might put some slap on

    I just been to the doctors about my tonsils, they say its tonsilith or something like that. I got to gargle after everytime i eat. He said it should get better if I look after them after foody times.


    sorry im having a stress


  • Go for it Princess :D

    Turn into a big pink monster again and throw someone out of the window.

    (Hope you're OK again now? :))

  • Princess, I'm soooo glad to see you're still quit hun :)

    im going to see my doctor about my tonsils tomorrow, I have a feeling the lozenges made them raw since november!

    You know, they do exactly the same thing to me. Last time I quit, my local Co Op ran out of gum (so did I on Christmas Eve :eek:) and only had lozenges - after I'd sucked a couple my throat felt scratchy and by Boxing Day I sounded properly croaky and felt odd. Think it's because of the gritty bits they're made of.

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