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My month one thread

On Monday I passed the 3 week mark, so I guess that this forum is my "home" for the next month.

I doing good, really good this week. I had a few wobbles on Sunday, where I had a few really bad cravings, but nothing since. The last couple of days I've barely thought about smoking.

Del, my quit bud, where are you? you haven't posted for almost a week :confused: check in and lemme know how you're doing x

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Hi Karen, well done a whole month under your belt, bet that feels good :D

You sound really strong and positive which is fantastic, keep reading and keep posting, your on your way to the Penthouse.


Yep, Karen, this will be your home for a month. I hope they have left it tidy for you :D

Well done, keep positive, strong and focused :)



Well done, that's such a great achievement!


Morning Chick ;)

You are doing fantastically, well done!!!

Stay positive hun, you are so going to succeed :)

Snowie xx


COngrats, should be joining you soon enough - will remind you to put the kettle on for us :p

Keep strong


Hey Karen

Well done !!:D

Keep a place for us too. Genes and I will be joining you tomorrow.:cool:


Well done Karen, :D

Make sure you leave a seat for me too as i will be there on Monday. Whoop whoop, great going my friend, we are all so proud of you.



Congratulations KarenM.....

Great achievement, keep it going. I am only on Day 10, but can't wait until I am a month!!



I am only on Day 10, but can't wait until I am a month!!


Nah Embo, Dont say "Im only on" cos your doing great and every day is a bonus and a great acheivement, so dont ever say "IM ONLY".



Sorry are right, of course!! Feels like whay more than 10 days though lol :p


Way to go Karen!! Woo hoo!!! :)

You're doing great!!

Ed xx


Well done Karen!

I'm here with you all the way, I never had any doubt in my mind that you would make it!

Feels great don't it????



Well Done Karen


It Can And Does Only Get Better.


Thanks guys!

Day 26 today, and i think it's starting to get easier. I'm feeling good, very positive, not having barely any cravings, and the days are passing and i'm realising that i've hardly thought about smoking.:D


I passed my 4 week point on Monday, i guess it's 30 days today but I'm not starting my thread in month two until tomorrow, as then it'll be 1 month in dates (i quit 18 oct)

I'm feeling good. Had a strange day on Monday, after lunch I actually said out loud "ooh a fag would be really nice, right now" and i felt really sluggish all day, my hubby came in at 5.30pm and i hadn't even started cooking the tea, i just couldn't be bothered. Anyhoo I realised at 9pm that I had forgotten to put a patch on that morning. No wonder I'd been having cravings.. i kinda was thinking to myself before that that i could probably do it without the patches, well mondays just proved that i can't, not yet.

Apart from that, i feel good. I have no cough, no crap on my chest, i smell great and food tastes so much better.


Hi Karen

It's stange, but I actually found it got easier quicker, when I ditched the patches as well.

Of course each of us is different.


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