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2 years today - yeah you better believe it feels good!


I quit smoking 2 years ago today - today is an epic day for me! :D

its all about getting to the penthouse here at nosmokingday but staying quit longterm was always my big worry - well I done it. Im also proudly 19 months quit booze too.

I could write a book on all the good things that have changed for me over the last 2 years. All down to quitting smoking. those who remember me know I was a very heavy smoker and went through hell and back over the first 6 months. Its all been worth it. Ill never stick anything lit in my mouth ever again. fact.

hope you are all well. To those just starting out. Good luck, dig deep, the rewards are worth it all.

Bman :D

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great to hear i love these posts i am seven months today

the freedom is the absolute best feeling i have ever experienced so many situations days out, holidays etc not ruled by cigarettes

Bman :cool:

Double congrats to you, what a journey eh?

:D <--- still looking good I see ;)

See's ya next year :)

Pol xx

NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

Congrats Bman that's great!

Double congrats Bman.

5817 5817

Two jobs well done.


Good to see you in here bman, great news on both fronts.

I remember of first 6 months - never again eh?

Don't be a stranger, you're stories are very compelling.


yay! BMAN! .... Couldnt be happier for you mate, well done:) and yes i remember the beginning,but you kept going and im proud of you, of course without me you wouldnt be here today(just joking....:D).

Heres to many more milestones.:)

it is great to read of your double reason to post proudly here :) I know you had other troubles while quitting smoking, so more power to you for conquering both :)

Nice one!! I didn't think you'd not do it truth be told, you just had to find your way, and that was understood :)

Glad to see your post though, and all the best to you. I don't post here really any more, but looking about, don't look like anything is any different, almost like i've not been away :)

Take care fella, hope freedom continues to be yours always.


Fab to read your post bman, you have done so well, keep up the good work.


Great 2 Read Your Post!!!!

Always nice to read a post like yours.It gives me encouragement ....some fall at 2,3,4 months OTHERS dont ......I'll follow a positive post like yours anyday....Its WONDERFUL...well done.


Bman! Huge well done to you! Double congrats from me as well bella xx

Whoohoo...congrats, Bman :)

Keep on keepin' on!!


Bman - Fantastic!

Nuff said.

Well done

What an acheivement BMAN and congratulations, I am a couple of months behind you for the 2 year marker and like you I feel proud to consider that we are well and truly Non smokers.


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