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No Smoking Day
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Day 13

Thank you SweetB and Kat73 for your encouraging and supportive posts, I'm still in here and doing better than I thought. It seems that whatever was going on in my head yesterday knackered up my ability to count, this is my 13th day and not my 12th as I thought. I stopped smoking on the morning of the 11th December so I think that on Wednesday I will be starting my third week. Still, a day at time.

Today's been tons better. I gave up smoking just over a year ago and lasted 17 days cold turkey. This time I'm using patches to help me and now, at last, this site. You were right Kat when you wondered whether I'd allowed some "stinking thinking" to creep in. The main spur I have to stop smoking is so that I can start running, this is important to me because it will help me to start some other things that are also important to me. At the end of the first week of not smoking I was finding it difficult to walk anywhere, never mind run. I'd been to the doctor for a general check-up to see if there were any reasons why I shouldn't run and he was of the opinion that any problems in my legs would be alleviated by running.

The pain and the partial mobility I was living with a few days ago, left me wondering if there was any point in stopping smoking because it didn't look as if I'd be running anywhere. The main impetus to stop smoking had disappeared.

Anyway, I woke up this morning and realised it was all just mind games, I was supposed to be taking this a day at a time. Not having a cigarette was on the agenda today, not running a marathon. I'll worry about running another time. I think I'm back on course, I certainly feel more optimistic than I have for the past few days, so, onward and upward as they say.

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