No Smoking Day

Day 13

Hello all, just thought i'd post in Week 2, because i guess tomorrow i can move into Week 3.

Still can't believe i haven't smoked for 2 weeks and i'm not climbing the walls!!!

Starting to sleep a bit better thank god, sick of being tired. Other than that its been pretty uneventful, still haven't told many people, only if they ask.

Maybe after this weekend i'll start shouting from the rooftops that i haven't smoked for 2 weeks!!

Stay strong everyone :)

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Well done you, that great news. Stay strong.

xxxx Pupalup xxxxx


HI Choco

So glad your doing good you havent been on much so have missed you stay strong Linda xxx


Way to go Choco!!

That has gone by fast!! :D

Keep it up x x ~Buffy x x


Well done AWSOME WORK :) ;) :)


Yahoo Way To Go You!!!!!!!!!!! Keep Up The Great Work!!!!!!!!


well done, i'm nearly there my self but wow!!!!!!! i've really struggled today, new to this as well, and the support looks fantastic, i'm holding out at the minute but had some real cravings today. Not long to go to move into week 3 day 12 and counting.


Well done Jimbob

Wasnt he in the waltons HEHE allmost three weeks that fab keep strong Linda xxxx


Welcome Jimbob x x

Your doing soooo well!! congratulations x x

I believe the 3's are all a bit tough for a day or two!!

3 days is god awful!!

week 3 gets a bit like woooaaahhh this is it? forever??

Mr nicotine just clutching at straws ;) more fool him! :p

You are stronger and better x x

~Buffy x x


clutching ???

he's been grabbing at them in a big way today but he isn't going to win!!!!!!!!!


clutching ???

he's been grabbing at them in a big way today but he isn't going to win!!!!!!!!!

Heheheh Silly old fool that he is :p

Good for you jim x x Keep the strength x x


well on my way

Well its been a while since i've been on and I'm up to 4 months and 23 days !!!!!!!!!!!!! Still get the odd craving but only once a week or so. Its changed my life so much for the better:). I hope everyone had a great christmas and didn't smoke too many all the best to everyone!!


Lo Jim x x

good to see you x x

I am sorry i have had to go again :o

Day 4 *sigh*

More fool me x x


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