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No Smoking Day
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depressed, uncontrollable anger and then sadness

Well the title says it all, but thats the long and the short of it, not smoking related but hell i could just do with one, i am at the moment very low in mood and cannot stop crying, i am a self hater, loather, put downer, ends up making a mess of everything i touch... if my life was as easy to get rid of as pressing a delete button... i would have already accidentally done it, as i am uncontrollable when upset and do things to spite myself...

thank god for my daughters and husband that somehow keep me grounded.... where the hell did it all go so wrong x

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It might be worth having a chat with your GP Spooks, one of the side effects of Champix is depression like symptoms which sound eerily like your feelings at the mo - sending big hugs ;)


Spooks........I agree totally with Jenninegs about speaking to your stop- smoking adviser/quit nurse/doctor as soon as possible. It sounds like a Champix meltdown to me (although I am not a doctor ;))......I had one myself, as have a few others. I immediately stopped taking them which made matters even worse, but eventually reduced them to just one a day after talking to my stop-smoking adviser. Things then settled down, thank goodness. :)

Chin up.........it's absolutely NOT the end of the world. If you are a bit prone to anxiety/self loathing etc. then Champix can exacerbate those feelings. Reducing the dose worked for me and it has worked for others, too. Don't despair....you've got your family at home who care about you and your internet quit family are here for you, too!

Let us know how things go. Come back for a scream if you need to; we understand!




Thanks for your comments guys, your all totally fab peeps and i am grateful for all your wise words, i haven't succumbed to the cigs, still thinking about them though, i have spoken to my doc who i am going to see on friday (its a while away though) can't get in sooner, will have a chat with her, meanwhile will stick my nose in a book xx


Hi Spooks...sorry to hear you are feeling like this.

We are at the same stage in our quit and im feeling a bit like you!

For a good couple of weeks Ive had the I could murder a fag thoughts and have been feeling really low, miserable and sorry for myself...could do with a big kick up the bum, so could be to do with the stage we are at in our quit.

On the other hand the champix could be making it worse for you, when I took it it really knocked me about....the best thing would be as others have suggested see you Dr or smoking adviser.

Chin up you're doing so well...xxx


Morning Spooks

I quit on the 15 September this year and through most of October and November i was well and throughly depressed and all over the place. Then suddenly it just lifted in the last week or so . I thought about seeking help or visiting a Doctor but in the end I did not have to. It maybe Nicotines way of convincing you to have a cig, I really dont know but I do know that once you come out the other side you will be move then elated that you stuck to you plan to kick the cigs out of your life. I know its not easy now for you but if you are like me it should pass in a few days . We are all difffernt I know but stay strong and be proud of yourself for getting this far. You will not mess up this quit


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