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Is this anger normal?!

Hey! Just past 21 days, I've been feelin good about the whole thing, going CT, I am happy I am doing this and I never want to go back again! All this positive feelings are deep down there somewhere though, because in reality all I am letting out right now is ANGER!!! OMG, I don't recognize myself! I am taking a break from the people I care about, I told mt BF today, in a good moment (probably the only one for today), that I understand I am beeing absolutely impossible and I just want a few days on my own cause the stuff I am saying to him are so mean and I am being such a... pain!!

Ok, all this was expected though, that's what he said! Was it really? Sorry, Margareth (if you are reading this), I insist on the subject, but I feel so bad about who I am right now. I have even been adviced to smoke one and just stop being such o b....! I won't and that's the last thing i want! So what I am trying to say is, i know being angry was expected, but I always thought it will be sometimes in the first few days, not now! I did have a few episodes back then (nothing comparing with the ones I have now), and I thought that was it! Isn't to late for this? I am just trying to find out what my problem is, and if is not the quitting to find out why am I so unhappy for!

Thanks a lot guys!

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Hi there Enough,

I also thought I was doing pretty well, I was enthusiastic and chuffed with myself.........until yesterday.

Now I have had a couple of down moments but nothing as bad as yesterday - I'd had a tough day at work, my mum had already annoyed me by hanging up the phone on me because she was in a mood and then I got home and found my laptop is faulty and wont work........well my OH got it, I blamed him for everything, I was a right cow, then I cried for about an hour and felt crappy for the rest of the night

I got so angry that I really thought I was going to smoke and then got even angrier because I was determined not to...I was having a little war with myself.

So I can totally understand where you are at the moment, I'm just hoping it doesn't last long, I really haven't got the energy for it

Lottie -x-


Hi, I'm randomly raging too. Had a go at a telesales person yesterday...and I'm never rude to them cos it's such a horrible job. And I'm also growling at people (in my head not out loud, don't want to be sectioned).

I don't seem to know when I'm angry either. Just snap.

I also am avoiding people I care about!

The way I see it is - this is not me - I get angry at times BUT I don't take it out on people. I bet the way your acting is not you ethier.

So it HAS to be a annoying side affect - like the wind - that'll fade away without any problems.

Hope it sorts for you.


i went through that stage a couple of weeks ago thats when i joined here i couldnt take the anger anymore oh my god i really thought i would burst or worse end up hurting someone i loved which is not me im normally so laid back i was really worried about it.. and i was the same thought just have one fag just to calm me but then i thought if i had one then i was just prolonging the side effects of quitting i stuck through it and luckily my boyfriend stuck with me and within a week it had passed.... just whatever u do dont give in.. will having one really make u feel that much calmer????? :o xx


We do all get this stage at some point but it will settle down. Just try and ride it out Scream into a pillow this helped me a few times.HEHE. Hope you feel better soon stick with it.xxxxx


When you withhold all the chemicals in a cigarette from the brain (not just nicotine but some other evil chemicals) there is a build up of another chemical, which hits it peak at around week 3. This is why most people fail at around this point.

Thats what my stop smoking councilor told me.

This new chemical rapidly calms down after day 21 and by day 28 your brain is back to normal.

Dont know if thats true but it really makes sense to me.


Hi Mavrick

That do make a lot of sense because a lot of people find this time very hard in the quit.xxxx


Maverick, thanks!!! There you go, there is the explanation i was waiting for! Something related to week 3 where I am!! Again, I have no desire to smoke, I mean I do when I get really mad but instead of focusing on the cigarette, I focus on the reason I got mad in the first place and just go balistic and basically I don't even think about that cigarette! But the way I snap... Unreal! Anyway, thank you, it makes sense!! WOOOHOOOO! Can't wait to past this!!

Thanks guys!!!


Hi Enough, Lottie and Juster

I,m so sorry you're all suffering at the moment but it is quite unuasual to feel this way at around the three wwek mark as you lnow there are loads of chemicals in fags all of which affect us, but some take longer to clear than others OK

The way you feel at the moment will not last for long it is part of what we call the terrible 3's OK Just hang on in there and all will be well


Marg xxxxxxxxx


Hi Enough, Lottie & Juster, hang in there, u have all done so well... I had terrible time on week 3, Now on day 39 and getting much better. Still have my moments but would have them if I smoked......

Stick with it guys Your all doing brill.... Kaz :p


oh monster, thats rubbish. You have always been the upbeat one I look to to make me smile. I am sorry. I am not sure what to advise. You do go through a grief process I think when crying and being generally sad about your 'loss' occurs which I did but that all came for me along with the horrible threes to about day 30. Everyones quit is different. Be positive, I am sure its just another part of the withdrawel process and will ease up soon. xx


Awww Monster

I think we have all been there at some point in the quit.

I was a bloody nightmare in the first month, my lovely team said they didnt notice a great deal of difference but I knew I was being a Dragon (or a nogarD)!

I remember someone telling me that they bought a real cheap crockery set off the local market and when she was quitting she would go and smash a couple of pieces in her garage!!! You could try crockery therapy!

Allow yourself the woe-is-me stage for a couple of days if it helps you get through it and stops you reaching for the cigs.

We are always here to chivvy you along.




Hi Sally :)

This as Fiona and Nog said is all part of quitting that most of us go through at some point OK.

The good news is that it doesn't last long and then you'll be back to your usual self Promise honest injun

Explain to those close to you what is happening and that it's part of the quit, so they understand it


Marg xxxxxxxxx Quit Mum


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