No Smoking Day
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In with anger out with love

Yes im breathing DEEEEEEEEEEPLY today, one of my triggers is i used smoking to get 5 mins peace from the kids, and they are driving me crackers, they arent being naughty just noisy and loud and in my face,

I cant even send them out side as its just too cold and ill get done for child cruelty

Ill do the dishes and prep to make cakes that will buy me half an hour (first hint of housework and they scedaddle)

and im perfecting Aussie Crunch this week,

hobbling to the corner shop gets us out for an hour and then tea time and itll be bedtime, is it bad to wish a day away?

its not a crave as such its a flash, flashes of 5 mins peace but thats always been wheni had a fag,

think its time for a HALT assessment and a coffee and sending the kids to their rooms for 10 mins

im giving myself a headache overthinking it gaahhhhhhhhhhhh

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Sounds like a typical day in households all over the country. I think the kids are louder because they are getting excited about Christmas. You are doing the best thing for them and you quitting the fags and I think you are doing BRILLIANTLY! Go to the corner shop get the ingredients for Aussie crunch cos I am dying to try it (you did promise me some).xxx


How about a game of hide and seek, send them to hide while you count to 20, then in 20 minutes you start to look for them ;)

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aaaaaaaaaaand exhale

How about a game of hide and seek, send them to hide while you count to 20, then in 20 minutes you start to look for them ;)


and the aussie crunch was a fail, my oven is on its last legs and either under cooks stuff or burns it, roll on feb when i can afford a new one and as the geinius i live with had REMOVED the battery from the smoke alarm (very very very sensitive) which i use as my early warning system for when the cooker is having a wobbler i had a house full of smoke - except in the living room where i was now calmer and playing on the floor with the kids, needless to say a house full of thick cloying smoke was JUST what i needed at that time.

Im impressed with my self though i popped the kids in the livingroom, opened all the doors and windows binned the failed aussie base made a coffee sat down, cried, drank coffee stopped whinging and made cornflake cakes instead,

And when i went the shop (i realised when i got home) i didnt even look at the fag shelf! hows that !

ive realised the key to weekend happiness is ignore the house work til 7.30 and run round like ive got 10 mins before an unexpected visit from someone as i get more housework done that way than any other! and make cakes and biscuits with the kids, oh and takeaway tea on sat and full on roast on sundays mmmmmmm or it will be once ive got my shoulder back in action cant lift a joint of meat n roasties with one arm!

HALT worked, btw much calmer and considering a cheeky snifter :D;)


And breathe....


Wow, and I thought I was stressed out! Thanks sassy you've done me no end of good! :D

Seriously I hope you find a minute to actually chill love x


i think haze actually said it all - probably a standard household day, but the kids have this certain pitch (aka top note) and once they hit it they stay at it all day, like i said they arent bad or even grumpy (thats my job) just louuuuuuud,

I should just stop bloody moaning if my worst today is a bit of burnt cake and happy kids.

Anyway takeout ordered and tomorrow i can chilllllllllll :D:D


I should just stop bloody moaning if my worst today is a bit of burnt cake and happy kids.

That's priceless Sassy :)

Hope you are getting through it OK.


HAHAHAH Sassy mama..............I had the same thing! The time I save from smoking means I can get them ready for bed more quickly!!

Love them to bits, but we do need some time at the end of an evening!!



Glad to hear all has calmed for you :) ....whats a cheeky snifter???? :confused:


hehe loops, a cheeky snifter is an aclohgilic drink on the sly (a nice voddy diet coke in that instance)

Gally i dont crave the fage but the peace they brought, how bads that!


;)..with you!!!! I'm a Carlsberg kinda girl myself, yup I know I know!!! Such class and glamour ;)

I know what you mean about the peace time, sometimes I would use the excuse of having a smoke just to get 5 minutes head could always make yourself a brew and nip out side to drink it...or do what I do and lock yourself in the bathroom for a little other half thinks I have very very very very bad constipation :p sssshhhhh!!!!


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