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No Smoking Day
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The day of the nightmare craves

I am craving a cigarette badly today. The trigger is trying to finish a piece of writing for my OU course. Writing seems to be my worse trigger. Which is probably why I have put it off writing my piece which has increased the stress, etc, etc. I keep feeling something's missing because I am not smoking, like I can't write anything decent if I can't smoke.

I have gone for a walk round the block to clear my head and I reminded myself of Harold Pinter and his oesaphageal cancer. This is the main stumbling block on my quit. I have to get it sorted in my head because I have a major piece of writing to do for my last assessment. I think it was more the ritual than the actual cigarette I crave.

I am now about to get back to it. I have a glass of coke and a bowl of seeds. I can be a writer and not smoke!

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You can do it

Hi Ellie,

Sounds like this is a hard association for you to tackle & I feel for you hun. Try to just concentrate on the writing, you say you have some seeds to nibble, great. I think with all these association things we have to do them once, maybe a couple of times to prove to ourself we can do it without a ciggie. You posted a reply to Hel's thread saying it's your choice to smoke or not. Well today you are gonna write for all your worth & choose that a cigarette will not benefit that at all :D

With you all the way Ellie ;)

Gaynor x


Oh Gaynor, thank you. You're right. I need to focus on my writng, that's the important thing. Thank goodness for this forum.


Go for it Ellie;) I am sure once you have done it & proved to yourself you can get through it. Even if a little difficult & strange at first you will have taught your body it doesn't need a fag (or 2 etc) to do it :D

G xx


Ellie-You can do it , and once you have done it, that association will be broken. Next time you will write and it will be easier. Until one day you will write, and you will never think of them.

Drinking was my mega, but i can even drink now. I don't even think of them on a night out, and if you'd have told me that a few months ago, i never would've believed you....

Don't be like me and Gaynor, and slip either it makes it 99percent harder to get back. How are you doing this time gaynor...? Seems like a long time...?:cool:;)


Hi Jude,

Yes, I am doing good thank you. 33 days today :D

So glad to see you are doing so well, this is our time ;)

Yes, definately don't slip like Jude & I. Has taken me since last July (I think) to get stopped again properly with much pain & heartache in between. Don't go there, it aint nice :rolleyes:

Gaynor xx


It's lunch time

I am nearly finished. I have to edit it and write a commentary, then I am finished. Once I got down to it, I became engrossed and banished cigarettes.

Thanks you Jude and Gaynor.

Now for a bacon buttie and a cup of tea!


Way to go Ellie, next time won't be a problem at all now :D

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, bacon butty. Me, me, me :p

G xx


If it's any consolation Ellie, I had a pint of bitter last night (which I've not had in years) and that set off a mega crave. I haven't drunk bitter since I was a much younger man - when I used to smoke like a chimney.

It's amazing - as soon as the taste hit my tongue I instantly wanted a ciggy. Strange what sets you off isn't it?


I finished my assignment and sent it off. Another crave came upon me, really strong. But I got my running gear and went to the park. I feel much better now.

It is strange what set a crave off, Munter.


lol booze, big meals and annoying people set mine off haha!

keep up the good work though! does get easier with time :)


I wonder if this is another phase of cold turkey? It looks like you are going cold turkey and you quit the day after me. The last week or so has been hell where I have really 'wanted' a cigarette (that must be what it is because i can't call it a physical crave but they have been massive psychological ones) and feel miserable without one, although my common sense tells me not to be stupid. The few weeks before that were fine. I wonder if you reach the terrible 3 months early on Cold turkey? I bloody hope that's what it is because i want me back again!!



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