23 days

I am in day 23 almost done...Dont want to smoke although i must admit i did get a crave at work today wen saw other smokers!! soon passed once i stuffed my face instead:D

I felt grumpy today wen woke up..didnt want a fag just grumpy...Tonite i am tired very very tired..........hope i sleep!!! if i cant get to sleep think i will cry!!!

However im still chuffed with how my ikkle quit is going & that from day 3 to day 23 gone in a blink..posting in month 1 now ;)

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  • its no "ikkle quit"...its turning into a BIG quit!

    lets see it turn into a MASSIVE quit

    and finally an INFINITE quit!

    Good on ya KitKat...keep up the great work! :)

  • thank you eddco wot a lovely post xx feel all emotional now

  • thank you eddco wot a lovely post xx feel all emotional now

    Whatever you do don't cry....I didnt mean to make you cry! :o

    It was meant to be encouraging and to give you a bit of umph!!!

    hopefully those are the emotions you're feeling!!! ;)

  • 23 days is a big milestone well done for getting this far that's almost a month.

    Does the fact that your name is kitkat mean you will be taking a long break from smoking?:)


  • Eddco - happy cries .. all good xx

    jack - ha ha never thought of that a long break smoking kitkats instead:D

  • 23 days- ha- aren't we brilliant. It's no ickle quit, there's no such thing as a little quit- be hugely proud and self congratulatory- being kind to ourselves doesn't come naturally- but do it...

    I feel grumpy when I wake up every day- turns out, I'm just a grumpy old cow- nowt to do with smoking....not nice to acknowledge- but how it is....We're fab- and doing it- and getting on with it, good stuff Pols xxx

  • hi pols yeah i think we are doing just great...We must just be morning grumpd ha ha well done us xx

  • Morning KitKat :D

    Sorry missed this yesterday hun but you're doing really well and as has been said this is no ickle quit it's huge


    Marg xx

  • Good for you KitKat. I am running as fast as my legs will go behind you but I know I will never catch you up because you will ALWAYS be ahead of me as you should be. :D

    Gaynor xx

  • This quit is so growing in size, well done to you.


  • Thank you everyone It is growing in size ;) my ikkle quit into day 24 done ..over the rainbow..I am good but tired as always lately ...

    hey gaynor .. you will catch me ..your doing better then u think..Its good to know ure behind me so you can kick ass if i mess about:D

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