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Big Craving Tonight (day 26)

Oh my Goodness.

Great big craving tonight - most potent so far! Bought second hand dishwasher with my 'giving up smoking money', as mine is seriously poorly. Full of confidence that I can plumb it in myself - but can't do it! So aware that I am single, relatively recently single (6 months) - (after 10 years) and horrible, horrible feeling of being unable to be self sufficient.

That feeling really, really made me want to smoke.........

Had 2 jam and cream doughnuts and 2 big g and T's, didn't smoke, but was seriously close to the edge.

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Oh poor you, Hattie! Glad the doughnuts and g&t saw you through though. (Would LOVE to join you in a sympathetic doughnut, sigh...will make do with a g&t!)

I bet if you do a bit of googling/talk to someone sensible tomorrow, you'll be able to get it sorted. Or, save another week or two's worth of no-smoking money and pay someone to do it for you ;)

Well done on fighting the crave, very proud of you x


Thanks, Incy x Raising a virtual g & to you now.

Concerned may have to start resorting to Demos Rousos (spelling?) type outfits if eating goes on like this. Good advice re way forward, life would be so much easier if one had staff though, don't you think?


Cheers :)

HA! he's haunting me - Demos Rousos. The spelling's good enough for me - I've never seen it written down...until just the other day I thought his name was other half has been listening to bits of his music, putting together a soundtrack for Abigail's Party at our local theatre. Been driving me insane! Anyway, blah blah, I might have to fight you for his wardrobe... LORD! Just googled some's orange for you, Hattie?!


"Lawrence, ange likes demis Rousos, Tone likes demis rousos, I like Demis rousos and Sue would like to hear demis rousos - so please, can we have demis rousos?'

Thank you for my picture -LOVE the orange, especially the hat!


Nice quote :)

The hat rocks doesn't it?! I never used to go anywhere without a hat...then I got glasses and found the combination uncomfortable. Sigh.

Hope you have a good day Hattie x


Incy, can you persevere with the hat situation? Hats are just brill. Demis' hat reminded me of Harry secombe in Oliver or maybe someone I can't put my finger on in camblewick green.

Have a good day too xxx


This is so encouraging, not only have you had external situations happening in your life, but you quit smoking also, and I agree those craves , urges, whatever they are, can be oh so torrid at times. But WOW your really kicking the nicotine monster into the ground, I can say with some confidence that those craves will become less intense, just hang tight, another g & t, a whole new day tomorrow.

I,m sure you will get that dish washer plumbed. Some how have a google.

Any way wanted to say, you are one amazing person, doing fantastic🍀


Thanks Tracy xx


Well done on fighting the urge. In my very early days quit I had to pretty much not drink alcohol at all as the two went very much hand in hand. Until I could separate the both then I could trust myself with a drink and not smoke.

Inspiring post to others


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