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This is the life for me

Six weeks ago today I was marvelling at how wonderful it felt to be able to afford a new hairdo, well I had the 6 week trim & tint today, which means tomorrow I will have been smoke free for 12 weeks. I will make the most of my last week in the month 3 room though and I will not get complacent as I know the "Terrible Three's" have a nasty habit of derailing the most dedicated of quitters. I have been free of the Champix for a couple of weeks now and the only thing I've noticed is that my dreams are tame again, and I haven't had a smoking one for a couple of days either :cool: On the whole, although I am known to have the occasional outburst, life is actually a lot calmer, I'm not wondering where the smokers go every time we go somewhere new, I don't waste a cumulative hour a day, or more, standing out in the rain or cold desperately puffing away on a stinking fag, I get an extra half hour in bed in the morning as I'm not cramming in three fags before I leave for work. I enjoy just buying something if I fancy it, I enjoy the flavours and tastes of almost everything (I will win the pizza war!). I'm making most of the time I used to spend every day rolling fags for the next 24 hours as I prepare a meal from scratch. I enjoy being able to sit and watch a whole television programme without missing the beginning or end as I was off having a "quick" fag. I enjoy not waking up at least three times a night coughing my head off, I enjoy not desperately trying to drag a breath of air in in between puffs of my inhaler, I enjoy not thinking "when will this film/play end, I need a fag" when at the cinema or theatre. Basically, I am enjoying not being dictated to by a plant, an addictive, smelly, obnoxious plant, but it's still a plant. Life is good, and it's smoke free :D

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Lovely to see you enjoying your smoke free life!!

Well done on 12 weeks :D

Think we all know those thoughts though - and we smoked because it "calmed us down"? :S


Love it!

Oh this is a fantastic post! All you have said, rings so true, the way the fags dictated our lives, how rude I felt every time I left a table at a restaurant or told the kids to go to play to have another cig or made my oh to sit at a table outside when it was freezing cold! How horrible! You are so right and well done you, a great inspiration to follow your steps.:)


Brilliant post! Well done on your 12 weeks! Love reading posts like this as it's a reminder of why we're doing this and how good it feels.

Thanks x


Inspiring post Jenn. Thank you.

I join you in day 84 (12 weeks) either today or tomorrow, can't really remember which. It hardly matters as I no longer think in days or weeks. It's months now - and one day it will be years!

I agree with the nasty 3's - I have been this far before once - no intention of slipping up again.

Take care.


Nice post Jen, describes how the quit becomes "a way of life" very nicely :)


Great post Jen, written from the heart

I remember writing one very similar. This sounds like 'the one for you' my love.

Fi x


Jen fab post. Word of warning if you are coming tom can u do it quietly im planning a lie in. And no eating marmite lol x

Morning Debbie, not too early I hope ;) I'm going to hang around here for another week or so, I'm going to do the calendar month count as it's easier for me to equate that with months (less having to take my socks off to work out how many fours etc etc) But I promise to slip in quietly around the 28th, I'll have something less divisive for brekkie that day too :D


Hi Jen not too early Rex got me up early singing in the shower. Its great when we can say calendar months rather than weeks. I will put the electric blanket on the 28th then make it al cosy lol x

Ah, but a singing Welshman is a wonderful thing to wake up to, unless it's mine doing an impression of a chainsaw :rolleyes:

I am so looking forward to the 28th, I'm almost as excited as when I thought I'd hit day 40 :o For someone who works in accounts you'd think I'd be able to count :D


Well done its amazing the stuff that keeps popping up... the non smoky me sort is the icing on the cake (mmm cake) and keeps the good feel going for a while longer, defo with you on the not waking up coughing in the middle of the night.... which i realized i had not done only after reading your post!


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