What a smoke free life is about…!

What a smoke free life is about…!

Back from a lovely holiday and doing what I love to do…. Fishing and spending time with my grandchildren…We Fished…Snorkelled…Boogie boarded….Body surfed and just enjoyed the leisure time.. Lovely weather with winter approaching with nice cool 30ᵒ C days…

The best was that I could paddle between 10 and 15 km per trip.. Launching at Sunrise and beaching at 10h00 to enjoy the rest of the day with wife and children.

This smoke free life is the way to live… doing all these things , playing and running on the beach and breathe with ease is soooooo nice …

The message I want to carry over is that it is really worth quitting…. I see so many newbies suffering and questioning whether it is worth it…be assured I also suffered almost 2 years ago..I cried.. I ranted…I was confused… I had no energy… I lost my mojo and sparkle.. BUT oh boy the moment I saw that light at the end of the tunnel and it wasn’t a train coming, I rediscovered life..the way it should be..!! I escaped the 38 years of entrapment and slavery….!!

I survived serious stressful times… Son in motorbike accident…Digging day and night to reach water….Serious drought deputising the farming… Retrenchment of loyal workers..etc..etc but never for one moment I thought that a cigarette will make it go away because it does not.. It is a false euphoria… Smoking is a smoke screen… See Angry Bears post and I agree 100% …!!!!!

Thank you for all the good advice I received from the people before me and hopefully I could help some people on this wonderful smoke free journey… The best advice I could ad is to know thy enemy and except that it is a very fierce and strong enemy but the moment you fight it with all you have it fades and run away but will never be gone and just go into hiding to attack you on your weakest moment… It is a very sly enemy…!!!!!

Don’t Defend…..Attack !!….Stay smoke free and stay strong…!!! NOPE !!

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  • Great picture Hercu, can see the difference in how better and healthier you look in each of the pictures you have put up of the last 2 years, and as always, truly inspirational and motivational post ;)

  • Thank you Roisin...Yes amazing how good I feel on the far end of 50 and 60 approaching rapidly. I am very glad to have returned to the almost active myself.... as time passes it just get better and better..Still battling to gain muscle weight but working on that as well...

    We plan a 80 km paddle over 3 days from Inhaca Island to Ponta do Oura and it seems I will be the most senior in the group and must work harder to keep up with the youngsters....!!

  • You so deserve this Hercu!

  • Great post Hercu - you really are an inspiration to us all and still have time to support us all after nearly two years of quitting yourself, what a fantastic achievement...

    You are one of the people on here that has kept me going strong through my quit and for that, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    Lovely picture and great to see you enjoying life so much.

    Take care,

    Mel :D x

  • Melf thank you...and yes life is good..Positive thinking and keeping busy is a winning recipe..You will be there soon!!!

  • First off, you look A.M.A.Z.I.N.G

    Being smoke free looks great on you!!!

    I always enjoy reading your posts, quite uplifting and motivational. Congratulations on your achievements Hercu 💛



  • Wanda...... Thank you !!! I am sure there is a huge advantage for all us quitters..!!!

  • What a great write up hercu👍 , the election race is on here get your name down you'll have my vote :) HERCU FOR NONE SMOKING CAMPAIGN YAAAY , looking great out there mate 🐳🐟🐬top photo :)

  • Thanks mate..Really enjoy the new found "power' and health...

  • Lol enjoy mate :)😎👍

  • Great stuff hercu! It looks like you're really enjoying yourself....and why not!!

    I've been working away - in hail, wind and rain - for the last few days so your post, as ever, makes me feel jealous.

  • hi hercu, your looking fab! Oh how my husband would love to catch a fish that big! (actually he would be happy to catch a small one) 😉 lovely post as always, its Nice to hear your doing well x 😊

  • Netty... Thank you..I launched 7 times and every day caught 2 or 3 fish that size...The funny thing is that, that Dorado, I am holding (Mahi-Mahi) is my first one of the Kayak...and then for the rest of the week I got 3 more...

    Surely it is a man's dream and that is why I am so thankful to have the opportunity to do that...And still can't forgive myself for almost depriving myself from that by burning up my lungs that must give me the fuel to do that...!!!

    (PS I would rather not put my Grandaughters fish on !!)

  • Nozmo.. Thanks...Really had a super 9 days... I was in such a challenging state that I choose the Kayak above the Jet..Paddled daily and only launched the Jet twice..and I am sorry for your bad weather...April, May is usually our best climate..Not too hot, not windy...Just perfect and with the fitness getting better it is a jol .....!!!

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