No Smoking Day
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Week 1.. now behind me

Last fag was in my garden at 10.00 pm last Tuesday night

Made a point of spending a couple of hours in my garden this evening doing more constructive things instead of killing myself. Bought a bird bath and a load of bedding plants yesterday with the money I saved from not smoking last week.

All plants are in place and watered , birds are pleased with their new designer hot tub :p and I feel healthier :D

Sooooooooooooo come on week 2 ...lets have it !:cool:

Regards everyone !


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Well done, Trev! Lucky birds..... and only 51 weeks til you're in the hot tub ;)


Well done Trev - and great that you spent time in the garden doing more constructive stuff... keep it up and soon it will be week 3 :D


Thanx Bella , Craig and Stanley day 9 completed 40 mins ago now moving into my 10th day and so far so good .

Today has been noticeably awkward though, have really wanted a fag today and this evening was just as bad, hmmmmmmmmmmmm lol. I know I have to keep my head down and dismiss any thoughts of having one .:(

Regards Trev


Well done Trev!

Hang in there.



Hey Karri...................I didn't have a pint , was nearly 10 o'clock when I landed

so I came home , drank a pint of coke , ate 2 packets of crisps .....THEN I had a huge bowl of shreddies :eek: 11.00 TONIGHT ,,,,,tut tut:eek:.

Sooooooooooo I think i need a pair of boxing gloves to slow down my hungry hippo routine:o

Will try and be more positive tomorrow

Trev x


Thanx Alex , I appreciate that ....feel a lot calmer today :).

Hey Karri ............they were sea salt flavoured ridge type crisps , quite nice really and lots more tasty now I am a NON SMOKER :p X


When you get there Karri ? still smoking hun ? x


Awwwwwwwwwwwww ok , when ya gonna stop hun ? x


Good for you Karri , I am at 11 days now and if I am honest would love a fag right now. garden is looking great and I could quite easily sit out there with a fag and a cup of tea.

It would be 5 minutes of pleasure, but I know I would feel bad about it afterwards and it definitely would not be worth it as I would simply start smoking again. While I miss cigarettes I am actually starting to feel much better in myself for not having one, and the prospect of living a longer healthier life far outweighs any possible good reason ( can't think of any )...for having one.

The fact that you are keeping a close watch on this forum and making attempts to stop smoking suggests that you are serious about wanting to quit and I hope that you do.:)

Always nice to hear from you ,

Trev x


2 weeks WOW didnt you do well, and dont even think about sitting in the garden having a cig else you will be getting big slaps, this times is the real thing I am sure and you know its not going to be a trip down memory lane and then start again dont you?

Say Yes Alex and I will keep talking to you cause you know I missed you and you are crap at emails, you been up and about lately???

Karri you will get there, just the sooner the better, have you tried my self hypnosis thingy, it got me through some really cra**y days but for me it worked and I know a couple of my quit buddies used it as well, with some good results.


Sorry Blade for trashing your thread but you can have it back in a mo xx;)

But does that let you smoke, ha you say of course it doesn't its to help me stop smoking, but what I did and some others was when you want/need a cig you sit down and go through the motions but only with your hands and mind, when you have smoked the "cig" you go clean your teeth and wash your hands.

Its mind over matter type thing but it seems to convince the brain in a way that you have smoked, after a while it gets easier and then one day you dont need to do it, and presto you are that far into your quit you do not want/need a cig.

Anything is worth a try.


Hi Jamangie , you can steal my thread anytime hun and its great to be back in the swing of things .....not that I have ever been a swinger :o.

Karri darling , pity you didn't stop a few days ago as you would have been more than welcome to join us and a great addition to the May Quitters gang. Anyway as I said .....I know you will stop when you are ready .

You have to be both ready to stop and want to stop to increase your chances of succeeding and the psychological aspects do play a major role in it all. My last quit was with the help of nicotine patches for 3 months and I thought it impossible to stop without them. This quit saw me using patches for 2 days and then I thought to myself ....I don't want any nicotine in my body and I have been comfortable without one.

Oh Karri ...I am not really a keen gardener but the money I saved on fags after just 8 days was spent on various plants to make my garden look nice. I have 2 hobbies at the moment ....flying and plentyoffish;) lol.

Trev xx


Yo Karri greenfingers....nothing wrong with patches and they got me through the first three months of my last quit comfortably and if i ever find myself really struggling on this quit ... I will use them again .

Look forward to seeing you getting off the fags and making it to the penthouse .

See you on POF ! lol XXX


Oh yes whats this all about :confused: I will be there with the camera and posting pics on here :D hope you will both be very happy and I get invite to wedding;) at least you will both have to stop smoking as I know what us reformed smokers are like ugh we hate the smell :eek:


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