No Smoking Day

This time I do it for me!


Today is my first day. I have had a couple of succesfull quits before and many fails. This time, despite my husband continuing to smoke, I am determined to be a non smoker! I had been succesfull with Allen Carr but after a spectacular fall off the wagon have lost a little faith in him. This time I am going for patches and Allen Carr and a hypnosis cd! I am a bit worried as I desperately want to be done with the whole stinking thing. I am hoping this forum will keep me going if the going gets tough!

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Hello Fiona,

Welcome to the forum, I hope your quit goes better for you this time any time you need support or advice, you will be welcome there are people on this forum with a great deal of knowledge, and experience they would be willing to pass on to you. Stick with it, it is worth it.




welcome :D

Lots of good advice on here, its a brilliant site for when you get the urge to smoke, your not on your own.

All the very best





For the support! My previous issues with stopping smoking became my 'addictions' to secret smoking! I would look forward to putting om my scarf and hat and gloves and smoking secretly. I felt I was getting one over on everyone. Which, of course, is a complete load of rubbish. I am afraid I will go down that route again, though so far I haven't found myself 'planning' a night when I can buy some smokes and do it secretly. Hopefully, now its not a 'secret' and I have outed myself, I won't be tempted! Has anyone else experienced this??


Hi Fiona

Welcome to the forum and well done on deciding to quit

You have come to the right place for help and advice we all help each other as much as we can

Good Luck


Welcome Fiona

You will have good support here. Take each day as it comes no more sneaky fags you are only fooling yourself. Stick with us we all help each other.xxxxxxx


Fiona, I can relate to the whole secret thing, I have done that, although it's been hiding from my kids (very pathetic I know, worst thing is it felt like being a kid again - kind of exciting :o )

But stick at it this time, I stopped with my wife still smoking - I don't really buy all that supporting each other nonsense, she then stopped 2 weeks later, I think she was skint anyway and wouldn't ask me for fag money:D


Hello Fiona,

Congratulations on your quit! You stay strong and try and make it through the first three days - they are the hardest ..... and keep posting

DM xx


Luck isn’t the issue, quitting is not a game of chance.

Read widely and understand why you smoked, you may be startled.

A positive mental attitude and a hatred of all things tobacco will get you well on the way to a successful quit.

Never dwell on thoughts that you’ve given something up. There’s no sacrifice to quitting it’s just a return to being normal.

It might sound boring but the more you read and the more you learn the more you find yourself despising cigarettes and regretting every day you smoked.

Post often and rant loudly… :D


Welcome to the forums and congrats on the decsion!:)

It was great to read your post as I have had similar experience, esp with Allen Carr.

Everything went great until about a 4-5 months after I finished the book. In the book he says just to "rejoice" at weak moments, but thats NOT actually how he stayed stopped.

He stayed stopped,of course by being positive but mainly I believe by helping other willing smokers to stop, on a daily basis. But of course we cant all be opening "Easyway" clinics!!

So This time, I have stopped again by listening / reading his book and everyday I make a conscious effort to helping other smokers to a solution,

This principle of helping others is how Alcoholics and drug addicts stay recovered also.

I am also very interested in hearing about the hypnosis CD you've gotten if it works etc.

I love being a non-smoker.:D


Hi Nico

Welcome to the forum you have come to the right place and everyone on here will help all we can the best advice I can give at the momemt is read, read and then read some more

Good Luck



Allen Carr and Hypnosis cd

You hit the nail on the head! I now realise with the Allen Carr thing that yes, its easy to stop but to stay stopped he devoted his life to helping other people, just like you said! Its very simple and I shall be doing the same as you and 'helping' others! The cd is very good. It works like Allen Carr in that it helps with the mental brainwashing rather than the physical addiction. When I use it I lose my desire to smoke. The website is I will post this on the general site for other people to get the cd info but I wanted to make sure you got this message! I felt like a complete loser by not managing more than 6 months on the Allen Carr way but your post made me feel so much better!


Fiona, I can sympathise with the secret thing. I used to sneak out of site of the children, in-laws etc. for a smoke. Left my coat outside, thought I had covered my tracks. Now i've stopped, husband is still doing the sneaking outside thing, and wow, you will realise how much the smoke smells. I felt a complete idiot thinking I had secretly fooled these people into thinking I didn't smoke :o.

I am sure you will do well this time, be strong and listen to the advice on the forum. Remember, everyones experience is different, but there will be little similarities that we all share.

Good Luck.



I joined yesterday and this place has been a godsend! Allen Carr calls the niggle the little green monster! I have fallen foul of the 'just one won't hurt' so many times. Read the posts on here when you have a craving. Its been great for me and it seems for many others too. Everyone is brilliantly supportive and I am so thankful to have found this place!


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