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Day 1 for me and cold turkey!


Hi everyone, I thought I would join this forum for support, I have tried everything and so many times to quit previously. So here it is my final attempt!

Last cig tonight at 7pm, feel great actually as I have just listened to my quit smoking hypnosis (it's the free one on iPhone app downloads)

I'm 29 been smoking for 10 years, quite heavy smoker 17 per day, feel rubbish, tired and lazy most of the time. No passion for life and almost every night my wheezing cough wakes me up! So I have decided to make a change or stay the same (staying the same is depressing) I want to feel alive again especially as getting married next year, do kids will be next so want to be in the best shape possible!

Will update tomorrow xx

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Well done you! This forum is fab and there are loads of friendly, supportive people to give you a hand along the way. Good luck and welcome!

hey you are in the right place to get loads of support and what better incentives than marriage and then children. Let's hope that this is not your final attempt but your ultimate victory!

If you want it enough you will win and we will all be here to support you xxx

Thank you so much for your lovely comments they really have filled me with hope xx


Just wanted to say good luck - it really does help to vent on here when you're struggling in the early stages :) Nothing like talking to people that understand what you're going through.

I stopped a year ago and all because of a free iPhone app. The one with the quit smoking sign. Hope it works as well for you as it did for me. I still use it sometimes as it puts me to sleep.

Well done with your quit and for joining this forum. There is always support on here so if you feel you need any help just shout x

Hi There,

I havent been here long and like you have tried to quit many times. I have found quite a lot of support from this forum and had a few laughs along the way.

Never saw myself as someone that would get much out of this type of thing but who would have thought it, i am doing better now at this stage than ever before.

I agree with Max. I dont think you will regret joining.

Welcome to the fight!!!!

Half way in day 1!

Thanks guys, so I'm already 13 hours in and my body really wants a cig, well my stomach dose anyway. But I am just ignoring it and drinking lots of water. Have to keep reminding myself it is a drug 'a legal one' and not to be fooled by others lighting up. Don't you think it's funny how your brain try's to rationalise smoking?

Congrats Reliving. I am one yr older than you, smoke for ten yrs as well, but about 35 per day!!

Last cigg was 10 June 2013 at 10pm, i am on my second day and feeling great. Struggle with sleep and headaches, but its a sign my body is cleansing itself. Had terrible chest problems and smoked while using an asthma pump, embarrest to say, but that is in the past. I have a daughter and would like to still be here to see her get married and have children.

You just keep going, one hour at a time..and ONE ciggarette is SO NOT WORTH IT.

Good luck:cool:

Hi Vicky, well done you are you cold turkey aswell? I struggled getting the sleep last night, usually I'm soundo by 10pm, last night I didn't fall asleep until 12.30! And today I'm coughing and sneezing so much, my throat hurts to. But feel good, keep drinking the water everytime I have an urge which is really good. Will be heading to the gym tonight to knacker myself out so I can sleep!!

Have you notice wrinkles starting to appear under your eyes and forehead?

Hiya Reliving and welcome :)

I'm 29 too, started smoking regularly at 16 although I quit a few times in between, smoked socially for 3 years before that :eek: and until 6 months ago was on 20-25ish a day :/

Think it's fab that there's so many people our age and younger deciding to stop!!

Anyway I've got no willpower so if I can stop you can :)

This place is fab 'cos it really does help - wouldn't have managed without it!!

Ooh saying about wrinkles, i was starting to get lines round my eyes (at 28 :eek:) and had dark circles under them both of which went pretty soon after quitting and I look years younger!!

Good luck :)

Glad to have you here among the crazies lol. Welcome and best of luck! ;)


best of luck

Best of luck.

Remember you are separate from your thoughts and cravings.

It's a fact, which now you won't believe but within 4 weeks, you will be totally free from any desire for a cigarette... so treasure these cravings because you wont have them for long.

Thanks peeps! Nearly finished day 1,I am feeling quite low and bored! I have lots of work to be getting on with but with no motivation!

My secret today was water, water and vegtable juice! Plus that hypnosis I listened to last night. I wil listen to another tonight aswell I think.

I was considering buying that INsantity workout to give me something to focus on for the next 2 months. What do you think?x

Well done and the best of luck ,I've now managed 3 months ,after smoking 30 a day for 40 ish years,if I can do it anyone can,just a little bit of will power and support from people you can to:)

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